New Details Confirmed For Alien: Covenant (Including James Franco)

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Fans of the Alien franchise have been excited for the next installment for a while and we’re finally starting to see some concrete evidence of what Ridley Scott and company have been working on. We’ve known for a while that much of the cast of Prometheus, including Noomi Rapace, Guy Pearce, and Michael Fassbender, would be returning. But we’re starting to receive even more casting confirmations as we draw closer to the debut of the film’s first official trailer.

We learned this summer that Billy Crudup and the always hysterical Danny McBride would also be joining the cast, with the former in an unknown role and the latter piloting a ship. Although Screen Rant reports McBride stressed that he wouldn’t be comic relief and that the role forced him not to rely on his usually impeccable comedic chops. But beyond these two, we’ve recently received arguably the biggest casting news for the project to date.

In a recent interview with Hey U Guys James Franco all but confirmed that he’ll be in the upcoming movie. We don’t know too much about Franco’s role yet, outside of his character being named Branson, but we’re definitely curious to see Franco and McBride reunited in the Alien franchise, of all places.

Along with the confirmation of Franco came a series of new photos that could have huge implications for what fans can expect from Covenant. One of the shots seems to be of soldiers with high-tech gear sneaking through the tall grass, giving us the impression that this might be a much more action-influenced film than Prometheus. The potential reappearance of space marines is tantalizing for fans of James Cameron’s Aliens, and if the movie does indeed take an action-horror route we have to wonder if we’ll receive a new video game to go along with it. Fans likely remember the disastrous outing that was Aliens: Colonial Marines but this could be a chance to make things right.

The last time the Alien franchise embraced a video game was with 2014’s Alien: Isolation and, while the game was a critical success, poor sales put plans for a sequel on hold. With any luck, the hype surrounding Alien: Covenant could prompt Sega to finally give fans the new game they’ve eagerly been awaiting and give space marines the digital justice they deserve. There’s obviously still an incredible amount of demand for a video game, as evidenced by the inclusion of an Alien-themed casual online title available at the platforms on Casino Source. This game goes along with many other licensed experiences based on movies and TV shows, including Game of Thrones and Jurassic Park. But on its own, it’s a remarkably robust take on a traditional slot reel that makes full use of the license with a tense sci-fi atmosphere that incorporates a first-person shooter element while also including the classic drone xenomorph, face huggers, eggs, and the queen herself. There’s clearly still a large enough audience to warrant new games, and now that Ridley Scott is re-exploring the series it may be a perfect time for a bold new video game adaptation.

Alien: Covenant is set to be the first official film sharing the Alien name since 1997’s Alien: Resurrection. After 20 years it’s not surprising that public interest in the franchise is the highest that it’s been in years. Based on what we’ve seen so far, Covenant could be a welcome return to the roots of the series, and if it manages to incorporate the intense horror of the first film with the white-knuckle action of Cameron’s sequel it could also turn out to be one of the best.