Martin Scorsese’s Silence Gets A New Poster

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In 4 weeks time, we will be in a new year, a new fresh start and kicking off the year with a Martin Scorsese movie. Last week we finally witnessed the epic trailer for Silence, today Studiocanal have sent us the movies official UK Poster
Silence features Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver as young Jesuit Priests who are sent to Rural Japan to find out what happened to their mentor Father Cristóvão Ferreira (Liam Nesson) who went missing. This is during the time of Kakure Kirishitan (“Hidden Christians”) which Ferreira was forced publically to renounce his faith.

There’s not a lot of colour in the poster, you could say the dark brooding clouds represent the danger that waits for our Jesuit priests who search for their mentor.

With the release date fast approaching we were left wondering if we would ever see the trailer, but this is Martin Scorsese we’re talking about. A Master Of Cinema at work, auteurs are like fine wines, they take time to mature into that perfect taste, so no use in rushing. We see many directors tackle ‘passion projects’ with very few delivering the right results but a master a work is a different story, it’s worth the wait.

You can watch the wonder UK Trailer for Silence here.

Silence is set for a 1st January 2017 UK&Irish cinematic release (USA 23rd December Limited, then full 2017).The movie also stars Ciaran Hinds, Shin’ya Tsukamoto.