March 30, 2023

Gambling‘s influence on music legacy


Casinos are walking hand in hand with music and it is known that lots of performers took their inspiration from gambling. Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Lady Gaga, Grateful Deal are all have casino-themed song in their repertoires. Even pop culture lexicon was enricher with gambling terms.

Casino references may be traced back to jazz era as world of gambling was a real source of inspiration for musicians and still is at Various games may also inspire someone to create something lasting, but for now, among best known hits of all times that conquered charts are:

1. Lady Gaga and her Poker Face;
2. Frank Sinatra – Luck Be a Lady Tonight is all-time hit even though the song was written in 1950 it is still remains its popularity. Sinatra performed this song at shows in Las Vegas casinos and the song became a real classic;
3. The Rolling Stones’ Tumbling Dice is an epic song that was created while Jagger experienced a writer’s block and spent time in casino testing his luck and learning games’ rules;
4. Gamblers and card players were beloved topic for Jerry Garcia and Grateful Dead. Group members were poker enthusiasts, so it’s no wonder that such great, gambling-themed song as Deal was written in 1970’s;
5. Madonna and her hit song Gambler that was introduced in 1985 as a soundtrack to “Vision Quest” movie. Madonna herself had written lyrics and many agree that this song is not typical for singer’s career;
6. Bob Dylan, The Animals and their song House of the Rising Sun describes gambler, who spends night time by gambling and drinking. This is the most covered song that even was performed by Beatles;
7. Motorhead – Ace of Spades was released in 1980 and describes the life style of a man who lives on the edge of gambling hard;
8. Eagles with Desperado song saw the world in 1973 and was covered by many famous artists as Linda Ronstadt, Johnny Cash, and Kenny Rogers;
9. The Gambler by Kenny Rogers is associated with poker since the year of song’s creation in 1978;
10. Elvis – Viva Las Vegas iconic sons that often played in Las Vegas and have worldwide fame. Amazing voice , catchy tune, memorable lyrics are forever classic;
11. Clint Black with Good run of bad luck song that was featured in Maverick movie and includes interesting casino phrases like “ten the hard way” and “shoot the moon”.

Without any questions, there are great amount of other popular, casino-themed songs that worth of your attention. Here we have gathered best-known, iconic ones that made its creators famous and made a valuable impact on music culture.