Film Review – The Pass (2016)

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The Pass is a 2016 British Drama film brought to us by Lionsgate Films UK. Following two footballers and lifelong friends Jason (Russell Tovey) and Ade ( Arinzé Kene)  who, on a trip to Romania for a match, share a passionate kiss (and more) shakes up the rest of their lives. One goes on to fall away from football and happily settles down, and come out. The other is a successful footballer, who struggles every day with the battle with who he really is. The answer to his problem lies in what really happened that night and accepting the man he is meant to be.

The Pass was one of the best films I have seen in ages! I am not really a big sports fan, so I was a little concerned going into this film. However, although football is a part of this it’s more a background topic.

I got emotionally involved in the two lead characters and even found myself tearing up at times.

The film was powerful, compelling and stunningly heartbreaking. It is a true testament to British film.

It brings up a lot of issues that, in 2016, we still face every day.

Being a Gay man myself, coming out a little later than I wanted, and knowing myself for so long before, The Pass really touched a nerve with me.

I just think this was powerful, and interesting film because of the subject matter and what is said about society today, in a world where more and more sexuality is becoming more of a mainstream topic, rather than something to hide.

I feel that this film will and should go on to be a truly well deserved classic and a stable in the LGBT film genre. I am so overwhelmed with how brilliant this film is, although not perfect, I do think it raises a lot of questions about men, and women in Gender defining sport, such as football and how because they are in a sport where they are seen as “men” doesn’t mean that they can not gay.

All night since seeing this film at Glasgow Film Theatre, I have not stopped thinking about it. Go and see this if you can I think if you’re a film fan and like films that really hit you hard then go see this spectacular film.

Amazing, Stunning, well done!

[rating=5] | Ross Wilcock

Drama | UK, 2016 | 15 | 9th December 2016 (UK) | Lionsgate Films | Dir.Ben A.Williams | Russell Tovey, Arinzé Kene, Lisa McGrillis, Nico Mirallegro, Rory J. Saper