March 25, 2023

DVD Review – War Dogs (2016)


Starring Jonah Hill and Miles Teller, War Dogs tells the story of two childhood friends who begin selling armed weapons and are then asked by the Pentagon to Arm Americas Allies in Afghanistan.

Warner Bros Home Entertainment releases this fast action, nail biting and hilarious Crime Comedy to DVD and Blu-Ray this Boxing Day,December 26th, 2016 you can own this outstanding and fun film.

I loved this film, Though I will admit I didn’t think I would really. I thought it would be a film that I thought was decent. However, I must say hat I was overwhelmingly surprised at how good this film was.

I have always been a fan of both Hill and Teller, More so for their comedy roles, though. Hill was amazing in The Sitter and Superbad, Teller was hilarious in the comedy That Awkward Moment as well.

I think the two had great chemistry and really made film worth watching. They related well wth each other and It felt that you could see a true bond, outside after film a well. This does not surprise me as these actors have a reputation of been pranksters in real life.

I think if you are an action comedy fan, especially a fan of the film The Heat from a couple years back then you will surely love this one. It might not be to everyone’s taste of preference, but you never know. After all, I didn’t think I would like it and I did, so there you go.

This film (like The Heat) made me want to watch more of these films. I think if anything this really reminded e of Jonah Hill‘s role in the amazing 21 Jump street where I thought he gave an outstanding performance.

Again this film is not perfect, but its entertaining ad full of laughs. It is one most people will enjoy.

I can not really say much else about Ward Dogs other than I recommend it.

★★★1/2| Ross Wilcock

Comedy, Crime, Drama | USA, 2016 |15 | 26th December 2016 (UK) | Warner Bros | Dir. Todd Phillips | Jonah Hill, Miles Teller, Ana De Armas, Bradley Cooper, Kevin Pollak | Buy:[DVD]