May 28, 2023

Denis Villeneuve Been Set Up To Direct Dune Reboot?


If it’s a science fiction movie you need to be made or in this case ‘re-made’ Denis Villeneuve seems to be the man to deliver your movie. Hot on the heels of the recent Blade Runner 2049 first trailer and his own fantastic original sci-fi Arrival the Canadian director is been lined up to direct another cult classic….Dune.

Frank Herbert’s cult novel has long been a fan favourite and after the David Lynch‘s 1984 version which was regarded as a critical failure at the time only to become cult classic years later. then there was Alejandro Jodorowsky‘s 10 hour ‘greatest sci-fi never made’ with French artist Moebius (Jean Giraud), so there’s been a call for a new version for a long time.

The Hollywood Reporter are claiming Arrival creator is already in early talks to fulfilling one of his dreams and he took a step closer when Legendary Pictures bought the books rights.

The 1965 novel is rich and diverse in so much culture possibly one of the reasons which it’s been so difficult to deliver the best movie adaptation. Dune before it became a book it was published in two parts in Analog Magazine but having to wait 30 years until David Lynch made his ‘ bad but so good’ version.

Dune covers the themes politics, religion and nature. Following Paul Atreides whose family rules the Desert planet of Arrakis.The unique thing about this planet is that there the only producer of the rare valuable spice melange making them a prime target for invasion. When Paul’s family are betrayed, he leads a rebellion to regain control of their home planet.

It’s a story with the world that’s as expansive as Lord Of The Rings, even Star Wars, Game Of Thrones (George Martin acknowledges the book as an inspiration). They tried to expand that world into a TV series from 2000 and 2003.

Pierre Morrel and Peter Berg are names that have been connected with Dune in the past when they attempted ti reboot in 2010. Denis Villeneuve will be hoping he won’t be joining that small band names, but it’s early days nothing has been signed. If this does happen they might have just found themselves one of the best upcoming directors whose created 3 original movies and handpicked by Ridley Scott for Blade Runner sequel.

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