June 8, 2023

The cast and director of T2 Trainspotting talking to Empire magazine


Nearly time to choose life, choose T2: Trainspotting as the long overdue sequel to Danny Boyle‘s 1996 cult hit Trainspotting.Ahead of next month’s UK cinematic release, Empire Magazine caught up with Boyle and the boys from the cast

We also learn it was an emotional reunion as the director reveals for the first time how a rift developed between himself and McGregor over his treatment of McGregor who was due to star in The Beach but was replaced by Leonardo Di Caprio in order to raise more funding for the film and his regret over his treatment of McGregor.“We weren’t particularly respectful towards him, way back in the day. But he’s always been very, very generous. So we met and talked and I said how sorry I was, the way we had treated him. And it rebuilt from there” – said Boyle.

When you look back at what Ewan McGregor has starred in for Boyle next to Trainspotting including A Life Less Ordinary, Shallow Grave… “I was Danny Boyle’s actor” quotes McGregor. As in his return to Edinburgh to play Renton the actor notices on parallels between himself and his character, “I hadn’t seen Danny for all those years. He f*cked off, and I f*cked off. I haven’t lived in Scotland since I was 17. He’s coming back, I was coming back. There were an awful lot of parallels you might say

The boys might all be established actors now but that doesn’t mean they don’t get nerves. Just ask Jonny Lee Miller on vomiting on his first day back together with the rest of the cast “I was so nervously excited…and I ended up throwing up in the bathroom. It was like, ‘Nice to see you, I gotta go vomit’. And it just felt weirdly, awfully appropriate for Trainspotting, throwing up in a bathroom, having not seen these guys for years, hoping that they didn’t think I’d developed some awful drug habit.”

Robert Carlyle reveals his strong emotional reaction to reading the script for the first time
I was crying…I thought, ‘Why the fuck am I crying at this? We all felt this real emotional connection to these characters and this world. But that first read – I was speaking to Ewan McGregor, saying, ‘I cannae believe I’m feeling like this.’ I’ve never cried when I read a screenplay before. Ever.’”

You can read the full interview in the February Edition of Empire Magazine which will have 4 exclusive covers of the boys, which Empire have kindly gave us an exclusive look at…

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