20th Century Women New UK Trailer Make The Boy A 20th Century Man

I was born in mid-1970’s and been a mother in this time was no easy task especially with so much crossing your path. From the hippie movement to punk to nihilism and in the new second UK trailer for 20th Century Women, Annette Bening attempts to raise a teenage boy in 1979 and make him a good man, 20th Century man.

As we dug into our over indulgent Christmas dinner, Stateside Mike Mills (Beginners) latest movie was released cinematically and we got this new trailer. Women trying to figure out who they are and help the one boy in their lives become a good man?

20th Century Women tells the story of three remarkable women, each from a different era of the 20th century, coming together to help teach a teenage boy about life and love, sex and freedom, men and women. Set in Santa Barbara in the summer of 1979, filled with punk-rock verve, 20th Century Women takes a humorous and heartfelt look at how we figure out who we are.

Let’s be honest raising a child male or female in any period of time is difficult and my hat goes off to all parents. The movie does seem to highlight the lack of a strong male and of course the struggles the one parent usually left to be both role models. 99% of the time that’s the mother in this movie it’s Annette Bening with the other characters representing the shifts in styles of the times.

This looks a fantastic movie that delivers a strong feminist message for the men out there. Fellas no need to think you have to fix everything all the time, just be there for the woman in your life. Life is very big and unknown, it’s just the matter of having the right people in your life and you will do well for yourself. When it comes to sex advice you’ll see Billy Cudrup dish out some sex advice, the ‘whole’ advice!

With the Oscars only 2 months away (plus many other awards), could this see Annette Bening slide herself into contention for an Oscar statue? Yes

Entertainment One is releasing 20th Century Women in UK&Ireland and co-stars Elle Fanning, Greta Gerwig and Lucas Jade Zumann.The Movie will be released 10th February 2017.