WWE NXT Takeover Toronto Preview

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For the first time ever NXT Takes over Canada. WWE NXT Takeover Toronto emulates live from the Air Canada Centre. Live exclusively on the WWE Network this Saturday, Here is a preview for WWE NXT Takover Toronto.

Shinsuke Nakamura VS. Samoa Joe for the NXT Championship
If their NXT Takeover Brooklyn bout was good then this should be great! The two have created such a fantastic feud with a compelling element of aggression to it. Two of the hardest hitters in the company let alone NXT, shall battle one more time for the NXT Championship. This rivalry has weighed in perfectly for the brand as it has displayed the gulf in class in terms of experience of the roster on hand. Samoa Joe has spent over 15 months in NXT and has seemingly done everything he can in the developmental brand. On the other hand Nakamura has seemingly got a longer title run in him, as WWE shall need to ensure they push the King of Strong Style to the main roster at the right time! I foresee Nakamura retaining the title and Joe debuting on either Raw or Smackdown come Royal Rumble season.

Prediction: Shinsuke Nakamura to retain NXT Championship

Asuka VS. Mickie James for the NXT Women’s Championship
After a six year absence Mickie James shall return to a WWE ring. I believe that having her presence in NXT would be wonderful, as a veteran such as herself could pay dividends to the younger women on the roster. Part of me believes that James has a long-term run in NXT but I also believe that this is a one off. Rumor had it that James is essentially a replacement as WWE planned to have Trish Stratus face Asuka, imagine that! But due to her pregnancy Stratus could not be booked for the show, such a shame. But that’s not a knock to James at all as she is a seasoned veteran and deserves a comeback to the mecca of Pro Wrestling. Whereas Asuka is still making her way in the company, I believe she has a short while in NXT. I believe Asuka retaining seems far more logical.

Prediction: Asuka to retain NXT Women’s Championship

Bobby Roode VS. Tye Dillinger
Since arriving in NXT Bobby Roode has been a breathe of fresh air. Possessing a great heel gimmick and veteran status, the former TNA star has so far proven to be great commodity for the brand. I personally would love to see Roode enter the Royal Rumble as it would mix things up. However I don’t want to see him depart NXT and he shouldn’t just yet. His opponent Tye Dillinger is not long off a main roster call in my opinion and if used correctly he could become a Fandango like superstar for the fans. I have Bobby Roode winning this one and I would then have him booked to feud with Shinsuke Nakamura for the NXT Championship. This match can either be GLORIOUS! or a 10! Sorry, I could not help it!

Prediction: Bobby Roode to Win

The Authors of Pain VS. TM-61: Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Tournament Final
The second annual Dusty Rhodes Tag Team classic tournament culminates once more. I have to say that I thought that last years tournament was a lot better, but that does not knock what it has been this year. However I do believe that if Hideo Itami did not get injured, we would have seen Kota Ibushi & Hideo Itami win the tournament. I also believe that WWE missed the boat on the duo of Austin Aeries & Bobby Roode. In any event the final at Takeover Toronto sees The Authors of Pain take on TM-61. To essentially establish a potential bohemian in the WWE Tag Team division I believe that The Authors of Pain shall win. On the other hand I could be wrong and we could say the unlikely win for TM-61. I believe that they shall remain in NXT for a little while longer.

The Authors of Pain to win the 2016 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Tournament

The Revival VS. Johhny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa for the NXT Tag Team Champions
Both teams produced an outstanding bout at NXT Takeover Brooklyn, as it was easily match of the night. The Revival are great and they have put the NXT Tag Team division on the map and elevated its status. It is time both Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder debuted on the main roster and propped up the Tag Team division. Whereas Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa have created something out of nothing, as their continued alliance as team continues to win the NXT crowd over. Previously The Revival retained at Brooklyn however on this night I believe Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa will take the gold. If their NXT Brooklyn bout is anything to go on then we could be in for a world-class encounter.

Aaron Patel