The Walking Dead Episode 4 Getting Extended Episode

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This is only the beginning you shits!‘ After the powerful emotional Season 7 premiere  of  The Walking Dead, we finally got a proper look at Negan and his bad girl Lucile. Though it spelt the end of two of our much-loved characters Glen and Abraham.

You wanted Negan and you’re going to get plenty this season with many trips to pee pee city on the way and one of those episodes, will be episode 4 ‘Service’. The episode is due to go out on 13th November in USA and 14th November here in UK&Ireland  and it will be an 85-minute long slice of brutality.

This episode runs 5 minutes shy of an average feature length movie and when we get these types of episode it can only mean something is going to happen. Usually, it’s something bad.

The synopsis for the episode is very brief … ‘The remaining members of the group try to keep it together in Alexandria; they receive a sobering visit‘.

It’s vague but if you have been watching Season 7 from the first episode there was one man who told them he will be paying them a visit, that’s Negan! The episode  does mark the first time we will meet Rick , the survivors of the gruelling first episode since the deaths. It won’t be a social call!

Hopefully, it won’t be another death but after Episode one anything goes. We already know the TV Show doesn’t always follow the comic book and when it does, we’ve seen them before twist some of the storylines. If you understand the ‘easter eggs’ planted in episodes Morgan is seen in the dream dinner table seen putting out the light of 2 of 4 candles, does that mean 2 more deaths are on the way?

Possibly episode 5 might pull on our heart string as the synopsis says ‘Saddled with grief and surrounded by enemies, members of the group try to find safety at the Hilltop before it’s too late.’ Could Maggie suffer a miscarriage which vents her anger even more to seek revenge on Negan?

We’re not taking anything for granted as the sneak peek trailer at the end of episode one did show what looked Negan at the door of Alexandria. But if you look closely  the footage had snippets from several episodes. If it is Negan tension will be high so will emotions and the episode will justify the longer episode.

The first episode was draining one, however, we got time to recoup and get ready for the next onslaught thanks to episode 2 ‘The Well‘. As we finally got our first proper look at The Kingdom  with King Ezekiel and Sheeva the tiger with Morgan and Carol. Did we also see the first steps of a new love for Carol too?

The Walking Dead‘s next episode 3, ‘The Cell’ we will see what happens to Daryl and you can see that episode on Fox UK on 6th November at 9pm.

Source: The Independent