Transformers 5 IMAX Featurette Reveals Batsh*t Crazy First Footage

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Yes, folks the Baymeister aka Michael Bay  will be in his tenth year working on Transformers Franchise when Transformers: The Last Knight arrives in our cinemas 2017. Not many franchises can boast they have been a consistent cash cow since the first day, like Transformers.

Hardcore fans will be getting really excited that the fifth movie in franchise first trailer will be landing soon and today we’re teased. Paramount Pictures have sent us a new featurette called ‘IMAX‘ as director Michael Bay chats his time working with IMAX. Like or loathe him explosions and destruction which was ridiculously over the top and no one argued with that,  Bays ‘bots delivered on those promises.

Check out the new featurette…

They defy expectations, annoy critics and cinephiles and deliver some extraordinarily twisted plot lines, call me stupid you could auteur. Not exactly Auteur in the realms of Hitchcock, Kubrick, Scorsese but a filmmaker who has influenced others on looks, effects and even sound design. He even got his Red camera custom made to deliver his vision naming those cameras ‘Bayhem’.

This new promo delivers a lot in the short two minutes and it’s a video of 2 halves. First half looking back at the previous 4 movies, showing off how some of the cameras worked , especially on those skyscraper scenes. It’s the second half which will excite hardcore fans when the new footage is revealed.

Yes, we’re not seeing things it looks like Optimus Prime, Bumblebee  and gang do cross paths with Uk’s most famous mythological King, King Arthur. At this stage, we can’t tell if its time travelling or simply another piece of the jigsaw that prove these giant alien robots have been with us longer than we first thought.  We also get a quick shot of Mark Wahlberg hanging out of a fancy sports car what looks like London. We also know from a previous report we will find ourselves in World War 2.

When it comes to Transformers and a Michael Bay movie  anything can happen as there’s no such word as ‘standard movie’. Doesn’t matter how diabolical that idea maybe don’t be surprised if it appears in this one or a future movie.

Transformers: The Last Knight will arrive in UK&Ireland on 23rd June 2017.