Short Film Review – Lost Boy (2016)

Short Film Review – Lost Boy (2016)

Lost Boy is a new epic sci-fi short film.

This is a fantastic and odd little short. I got the chance to watch this film for review and I am so glad I took it on. This film was bizarre and epic in all ways. The cinematography and setting were so beautiful but dark.

I wanted more from this film, but not in a bad way. To be honest I am still trying to wrap my head around what actually happened in this film. I got a sort of star wars vibe from it as well as it being more horror like. More or less it is a young man being changed by some kind of robot create (who looked epic by the way) and trying not to get caught.

A lot more happens than just that of course but I can not really say much else without spoiling the film for you. It was a very good watch and I urge everyone strongly if you are heading to a film festival or get to see this film online I strongly suggest you do it.

| Ross Wilcock

Sci-fi, Short |USA, 2016 | 15 |Dir. Anthony Scott Burns, Ash Thorp| Wasteclay Moreas, Nerea Revilla

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