Short Film Review – Brix And The Bitch


Brix and the Bitch is a 2016 short film following a woman struggles to escape from an illegal fight club. She is offered a chance, finally, to end her brutal fighting life, but at the cost of fighting someone she could never hurt.

This was a very unexpected and heart-pounding film. I loved every moment of it. Running at about 9 minutes in length the film strongly portrays a powerful story of love, loyalty and determination.

The film is pretty gory, while not showing much gore. By that I mean it was very realistic and powerful. This is the type of film I love getting to see as I feel that it showcases reality and the brutal experiences that people will and have had to go through.

There were even points in the film where I felt like crying. It was so powerful and moving.

I cannot recommend Brix And The Bitch enough to people. It is a sure hit for me and I would watch this film over and over again. It is something I think we all need to see. The themes were powerful but not obvious, the story was strong and moving.

[rating=5] | Ross Wilcock

LGBT, Drama| USA, 2016 | Dir.Nico Raineau | Dre Swan, Alex Marshall-Brown , David Carey Foster