Liam Neeson Is General McArthur In Operation Chromite, Watch UK Trailer

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He’s been a man with a particular set of skills, A Jedi Knight, A-Team Member , even took on a pack of wolves now Liam Neeson is now General MacArthur.Operation Chromite tells the story the landing operation at the South Korean harbour city Incheon during North Korea’s 1950 invasion, which has a success chance of 5,000:1 but succeeding seems to be the only way to turn the tide of war.

On boxing day Korean war movie Operation Chromite will arrive in UK cinemas as he takes on The North Koreans in Korean War, check out UK trailer

Inspired by real events, OPERATION CHROMITE brings to life the clandestine mission that paved the way for a dramatic invasion that is regarded as one of the greatest landing operations in military history. The film follows the efforts of UN Supreme Commander, General MacArthur (Neeson), to regain control of the North Korean occupied Incheon. In a bid to achieve this, he directs special covert officers to collect intelligence by going undercover as a North Korean inspection unit, led by Captain Jang Hak-soo. However, when their cover is blown they have one last chance to regain control of Incheon and recover their footing in the war, facing near impossible odds.

When it comes to Liam Neeson, he does love a battle and never shy away from one even if the odds are against him, of course, he has that particular set of skills. I knew there was a Korean war which America was involved and this will focus on the occupied city of Incheon. Despite Neeson been the known star this is a Korean movie and his involvement in it probably helped the box office sales in South Korea. But like anything he does like it when a plan comes together!

Operation Chromite will be released in UK&Ireland and will get a limited cinema release in UK&Ireland on 26th December with a digital download later this month on 26th November. The movie stars Jung-Jae Lee, Bum-Soo Lee.