Does Disney Want To Buy Netflix?

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We all the gossip and rumours and when it involves 2 companies with mammoth buying powers things do get more intriguing. Netflix past few years have been growing and growing becoming the world leaders in streaming services and don’t look like they will be stopping in their crusade. They have given not just home release market a kick up the backside but also the box office too. Slowly cinema chains, film distributors are starting to make a challenge, The streaming giants are delivering original content, a base for old movies and TV Shows to be watched 24-7. Could anyone compete against them or even more buy Netflix? Possibly.

In a new report  from Tech Crunch who are reporting The House of Mouse Disney might be interested in adding Netflix to their own ever-increasing family of companies.Under Bob Iger as CEO, Disney has made some shrewd purchases the past decade. Buying Pixar in 2006, a company they had been working with since the 1990s, then 3 years later buying Marvel Entertainment. This was just when comic book movies, Marvel Phase One was just about to kick off and we know now it’s turning into a cash cow for them. Then more recently which shocked the world buying Lucasfilm which has set up things nicely for Star Wars Franchise.

Netflix has been surpassing the expectations Wall Street set though competition is starting to up the ante and deliver a challenge. This may be a welcome move by some as many see the streaming giants getting too comfortable  which has seen the older movie back catalogue diminish. This will be thanks to new challenges from Amazon, Youtube and Stateside from the likes of Hulu, Filmstruck all either cater to niche audiences or  deals  that Netflix may not have.

One other reason could be the recent AT&T attempts to buy Time Warner which would withhold certain movies to Netflix. They have said they will all be into creating their own ‘original’ movies and shows moving away from back catalogues. Some could say this could overcrowd the market and so joining up with the likes of Disney could secure their future for a lot longer.

This is the only gossip and nothing is confirmed but when you at the potential deal, it’s like a natural progression for both companies. The pair has been working together since Daredevil series and possibly this could secure potential more Marvel titles to be created into series.