The Big Lebowski Slots is a big online casino hit

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It seems like online slot machines can now transport the player to any world imaginable. Online casinos are busting their humps to attract new slot players and then keep hold of them, and in doing so will create fun and amazing story-lead themes from the Wild West to ancient Rome or comic-inspired 1920s crime capers. Add to this the incentives of better bonuses and more free spins and players are onto a winner. One movie-inspired online slot that is a big winner and offers so much is The Big Lebowski Slot game.

You’ll recognise the distinctive name from the hit Coen brothers’ film released in 1998. This well-loved comedy crime movie centres around wacky tenpin bowling nut Jeffrey ‘The Dude’ Lebowski and his hilarious mix-up with LA crims. The Big Lebowski Slots features The Dude, Jesus Quintana, Walter Sobchak, Maude Lebowski and Donny Kerabatsos who all-star on the big screen. Clips and sound from the film are interjected throughout and can be appreciated by movie experts and novices alike. Even the swearing is a nice touch and not out of place.

The Big Lebowski has five fast-moving slots and a total of 25 pay lines, which keeps it nicely in line with other slots it competes with. The coin value covers a good spread, ranging from 0.25 to a 250 maximum, which will appeal to high and low rollers. It’s a simple game to grasp and jump into with the aim being to match at least three icons on the same pay line. The movie stars represent the high value icons with the bowling balls marked J, A, K and Q being of less significance. The Dude’s iconic yellow car fills in for the missing icon as the wild option, which could land you a winning reel.

If the red tin bonus icon pops up in the centre of reels three and five then you’re in luck. This will trigger The Big Lebowski’s fun bonus game Good Night Sweet Heart, which thankfully has nothing to do with the cheesy 1990s British comedy of the same name! It will offer you the choice of five items – pick one to potentially see your original bet multiply tenfold. Another nice bonus of this online slot is the free spin, called a ‘spare’ here to keep it in bowling terms. A spare is dished out for a spin that doesn’t give you a win. Good, hey?

If you like the sound of a progressive jackpot then The Big Lebowski Slots puts a big tick in that box too. This works on a totally random pay out and reaches over £600,000. Land this and you could let out a few choice words straight from the mouth of The Dude!

Check out the recent reviews and winners to see just how big The Big Lebowski Slots is in the online casino world. It’s great to see a cult film like this make such a mark in the betting world too and it never hurts to be reminded of the magic movies the Coen brothers create.