WWE Hell in a Cell 2016 Preview

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This Sunday, the seventh annual WWE Hell in a Cell PPV takes place. Emulating live from the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts. This PPV is exclusively for the Raw Brand, Here is a preview for the WWE Hell in a Cell 2016 PPV.

Sasha Banks VS Charlotte: Hell in a Cell for the WWE Women’s Championship
For the first time ever, two women shall step foot inside Hell in a Cell. There is no question that the feud between Sasha Banks and Charlotte, has truly revived the women’s division. In addition to this the feud has managed to headline an episode of Raw, thus solidifying the divisions status. Most notably Sasha Banks shall possess the home-field advantage, as she defends her title in front of a Boston crowd. On the other hand Charlotte shall look to recapture the Women’s champion, as she looks to upstage the Boss. Personally i can only see Sasha Banks retaining her title, furthermore closing this memorable feud.

Prediction: Sasha Banks to retain the Women’s Championship

Kevin Owens VS Seth Rollins: Hell in a Cell for the WWE Universal Championship
At this point in time, I assume this match shall close the feud. Seth Rollins is at the top of his game right now, but should not win the WWE Universal title just yet. I personally believe that they need to build Rollins up, to solidify him as a fully-fledged face. On the other hand Kevin Owens’ reign as Universal champion, has somewhat been under-minded. So with this in mind KO needs something to bolster his reign, a feud with Sami Zayn would be cool!

Prediction: Kevin Owens to retain the WWE Universal Championship

Roman Reigns VS Rusev: Hell in a Cell for the WWE United States Championship
It is fair to say that this feud has been confusing. At times fans have voiced their support for the heel and the face of the feud has acted heelish, so to speak. WWE’s project with Roman Reigns fell through in the summer, thus dropping him into the mid-card seemed promising. However the fans continue to reject Reigns, despite his status relegation. Rusev on the other-hand is one of the best heels in the company, period! I personally believe that this feud needs to end at Hell in a Cell, it is for the best. Overall it would seem as if Reigns is likely to walk away the victor.

Prediction: Roman Reigns to retain the WWE United States Championship

The New Day VS Sheamus & Cesaro for the WWE Raw Tag Team Championships
At this point WWE seem content on having New Day break the WWE Tag Team Championship record. Rightfully so, as the trio have truly provided some of the best entertainment in WWE over the past year. Some feel as if the New Day’s title reign has dragged on, however I am not one of those. Sheamus & Cesaro on the other hand are interesting contenders for the belts, as they bring something unorthodox to the table. The Swiss superman and Celtic warrior are essentially a dynamic duo, so I would not be against the two winning the Tag Titles. But let us not forget that New Day are oh so close to breaking Demolition’s title reign record.

Prediction: New Day to retain the WWE Raw Tag Team Championships

TJ Perkins VS Brian Kendrick for the WWE Crusierweight Championship
Lets be honest, Raw’s reincarnation of the Crusierweight division has not been fulfilling. The current feud between Crusierweight champion TJ Perkins and challenger Brain Kendrick, has seemingly failed to flow. The two have engaged in a well lets be honest, odd feud I would personally say. But I would not rule out the two having a solid match at Hell in a Cell, as they are capable of doing so. I believe that it is only fitting for TJ Perkins to defeat the veteran Brian Kendrick, to establish his place and status at the top of the Cruiserweight division.

Prediction: TJ Perkins to retain the WWE Crusierweight Championship

Cedric Alexander, Lince Dorado & Sin Cara VS Tony Nese, Drew Gulak & Ariya Daivari (Pre-show)
In addition to the Crusierweight title match, there shall also be an exhibition six man tag match. It shall feature six Cruiserweight superstars from Monday Night Raw, as this has the prospect to be a thrilling encounter. This is also a good opportunity for the division to make a positive impression on the PPV, despite this match being booked for the Pre-show.

Prediction: Cedric Alexander, Lince Dorado & Sin Cara defeat Tony Nese, Drew Gulak & Ariya Daivari

Enzo Amore & Big Cass VS Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows
I shall make no bones about it, Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows need a win. Simply because they have not been used as well as they should be, not by a mile! After a long and truly pointless feud with New Day, Anderson & Gallows seem to be creatively stranded at this point. On the other hand Enzo Amore & Big Cass are riding a wave of momentum, which should not come to anyone as a surprise. The two are constantly entertaining the crowd on the mic and in the ring. However I do not believe that they have anything to lose, thus I believe that Anderson & Gallows shall take the win at Hell in a Cell.

Prediction: Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows defeat Enzo Amore & Big Cass

Bayley VS Dana Brooke
Since her main roster debut after Summerslam, Bayley has been great. Aligning herself with Sasha Banks to take on Charlotte and Dana Brooke, is something that has worked out well for Bayley. Already well over with the fans, her rise on the main roster looks ever more prosperous. A match with Dana Brooke shall correlate the WWE Women’s Championship match, as Bayley could possibly be set for a shot at the WWE Women’s Championship in the near future. Therefore i shall be rooting for a Bayley win, because it makes sense going forward.

Prediction: Bayley defeats Dana Brooke