Wolverine’s Last Stand As Logan First Trailer Lands Online

It’s hard to believe it’s been 16 years nearly 17 years since Hugh Jackman has played one of Marvel’s beloved mutant heroes Wolverine aka Logan. 2017 he will be back for one more fight before he passes his adamantium claws over and as promised Logan first UK Trailer has finally arrived, Watch Wolverine’s last stand here…

He’s been a cornerstone of not just Marvels non-Disney MCU but Marvel’s cinematic universe overall for a very long time and played those years by one actor…Hugh Jackman. Like all good things they all must come to an end and it looks like fans of adamantium hero is going out in style. R-Rated style and one that will be the rollercoaster of emotions.

We’ve been promised a movie that’s gritty, one of neo-western, a man that’s battered, bloodied, scared tired and worn. With Johnny Cash’s ‘Hurt‘ playing throughout the trailer it really does set the movies tone. It seems we have one other well known loved character Charles Xavier aka Professor X whom time may have finally caught up with him. We get several scenes of Professor X a many Logan trusts very much like mentor seems to be in Observatory like building in hospital-style bed. Could this be Patrick Stewart‘s farewell to X-Men franchise?

Who is this young girl that the professor says she needs our help ‘she’s like us’? Is this Weapon 23 (X-23) aka Lauren Kinney The female Wolverine? What does this trailer do is answer those previous questions, that the movie is set in the near future where Mutants are near enough wiped out, hence the ‘there’s still time’ , time to save Mutant race? There is no official synopsis for this movie just yet possibly might be too spoilers.

You will also notice the UK trailer is a little gorier compared to the American version which doesn’t seem to have that ‘head kebab’ shot. There is plenty of scenes of the movie’s villain (Donald) Pierce played by Boyd Holbrook who has a band of mercenaries will they be the Reavers?

James Mangold looks to have created that movie no one else has done before,Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight now has an arty Marvel movie to rival! Logan is set March 2017 UK&Irish release(USA 3rd March 2017).