March 20, 2023

Short Movie Review – Night Of The Slasher (2016)



Night Of the Slasher is a new short film brought to us by the folks at Chicart/Vimeo. The film follows the story of a young girl, whom we see has been attacked before. On this night she has a friend come over to stay with him. He is an outcast at school so he is a little forward with her. Quickly things turn horrific when a masked stranger enters her house, killing her date and the cat and mouse game begins.

I am just going to outright say this. I LOVED this short film. I am going to confess. I am always very wary when it come sot short slasher films just as I am wary of Slasher TV shows, but then the Queen that is Scream Queens came out last year and I was proven wrong, and once again I have been proven wrong.This was a really awesome, fast paced and exciting slasher film. I would so love to see this get a feature film adaption for sure. I can actually see it doing pretty well.

I got sort of Final girls feels from it. It was just exactly what I needed this time of year something really awesome and fast and fun to watch,It is a film I feel horror and slasher fans will get a lot fo enjoyment out of. I actually think it’s a good film to take as an example of a cool trendy short film, for that fo you wanting to get into filmmaking.

The main thing I love about this film is that If ever am in the mood to watch a slasher film but I am maybe getting ready to go out or I am on the move this is something that can be watched super quickly and you still get you horror fix for the day. But an even bigger part of ti is so sad that I liked it and I am so excited plea

A little part of me was wanting to not like this film, I don’t know why, but an even bigger part of em is so happy that I did like it. It certainly caught me off guard and I am so pleased that it was so good.

Now Worldwide.

I highly recommend going to check Night Of The Slasher out. It is on Vimeo now for you to watch

[rating=5] | Ross Wilcock

Short, Horror, Thriller | USA, 2015 | Dir.Shant Hamassian | Lily Berlina,Scott Javore,Adam Lesar