Why movie-based online slot machines are a favorite among many players

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A movie becomes famous the moment it has a branded slot machine dedicated to its name. What follows then is a massive fan base that continues to grow in the casinos as lovers of that particular movie try to connect with the movie characters through gaming. Ultimately, the reward comes in form of the super addictive experience that comes with playing slot games while standing a chance to win real cash.

Old movies still rocking Microgaming’s slot machines

One such movie that got itself a slot machine to its name was Jurassic Park. When the blockbuster was released in 1993, it commanded a loyal audience which consisted of people of all ages. After all, director Steven Spielberg has always commanded that following in many other movies that he has directed. It’s a fact that people loved Jurassic Park so much that they were willing to try their hands on Jurassic park-themed slot machine by Microgaming.

The high-paying symbols and characters of this slot machine were drawn from the movie to make the experience mimic the real thing. When playing any of the winning combinations, players are reminded of some of the best scenes in the movie. It almost feels nostalgic to go through this slot machine in remembrance of a movie which you probably watched a decade ago.

Like other movie-based slot machines, certain random free spins can maximize your payout by increasing your play time and reward. The T-Rex Alert mode is randomly triggered amid gameplay, and it usually results in 35 extra symbols to play with. If you know about Microgaming’s 243 ways to win feature, then you should know that Jurassic park is one move-themed slot machine that allows you to take advantage of the feature.

Action movies still remain the best slot machines at Red Flush online casino

Besides Jurassic park, casino-loving audience were also treated to movie-based slot machines such as Terminator 2 which is based on the famous Hollywood movie by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Again, the characters in this movie appear as high-paying symbols which can really increase your chances of making some good money. These symbols represent Sarah Connor and John Connor or T-1000 and T-800 respectively.

The slot machine uses playing card suits to represent low paying symbols. The wild symbol is known as T2 logo, and the energy orb as used in the movie scene is the scatter symbol. Keep in mind that the T-1000 symbol could transform into many other character symbols with a potentially high payout.

Other movies that have since had slot machines branded with their names

We have the Bridesmaids, a slot machine which is based on a Universal picture comedy movie. The wheel bonus feature can win you a fixed jackpot, bet multipliers, or 4 bonus features. There are different kinds of movie slot machines that can be sorted based on category or genre. These movie genres can be played when you have an account at Red Flush Online Casino. And just in case you didn’t know, Red Flush is home to over 700 casino games, and that means you can’t miss your favourite movie-themed slot machine no matter the genre.