Gerard Butler Will Be Back For Angel Has Fallen

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London Has Fallen Butler

Whatever you think of the ‘…Fallen’ movies Gerard Butler‘s character Agent Mike Banning her served his president well twice and will again for the third time. Olympic Has Fallen was one of those brainless actioners filled those gaps of our brains intelligence isn’t needed.London Has Fallen was one of those sequels that wasn’t really expected and the critical response, even cinephile response proved that. Now a third movie will come in the next couples of years, but where and what Angel Has Fallen be all about?

If you love the Scottish actor doing his best badass action face, getting all sweaty killing a lot of baddies. We’ve had the White House and the City of London and if you enjoyed the Sky attacks in the last movie second sequel will be up your alley way. Angel is a code name for Air Force One which will be the setting for the movie, with the leader of the free nation in danger once again. The question is, who really is the target this time? According to Deadline, it’s Mike Banning himself.

We have to admit for an action movie, the title is pretty bad, you may argue the whole franchise is and you won’t get a lot of arguments there.It sounds like the movie has a heavenly setting, though after a bullet from Secret Service Mike Banning your final destination might live up to the title!

There are no other potential cast members announced, could the now former president Benjamin Asher (Aaron Eckhart) play a role? Who will the new president be? could they play a part in Mike’s potential downfall? It may sound ridiculous, but it didn’t stop the writers from 24 doing it.When you do a job like Banning you make a lot of enemies worldwide as well as within. If I remember rightly at the end of the last movie Mike resigned and had a new member of the Banning clan was introduced too? What will force Mike out of retirement?

Will Angel Has Fallen be even more resented than London Has Fallen and sink the franchise altogether or will it bring a little credibility back? Many believe that went when Antoine Fuqua left (though The Magnificient Seven remake was a mixed bag). The movie is set to shot sometime early 2017, so expect other cast announcements to come very soon.