The Fury Nature Exposed Werner Herzog’s Into The Inferno Netflix Trailer

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His movies have always been extra special, he even appears as villains in feature movies,now Werner Herzog takes us on a journey into volcanoes.Into The Inferno acclaimed auteur wants to take us into the red hot magma filled craters around the world, astonishing volcanoes . After a fairly successful turn on the festival circuit (Toronto Film Festival), Netflix has launched a brand new trailer ahead of its release at the end of the month…

In Into The Inferno, Werner Herzog and volcanologist Clive Oppenheimer embark upon a global journey exploring some of the world’s most mythical volcanoes in North Korea, Ethiopia, Iceland and the Vanuatu Archipelago. Speaking with scientists and indigenous peoples alike, they seek to understand the complex and the deeply rooted relationship between mankind and one of the nature’s greatest wonders. Produced by Spring Films, Werner Herzog Film and Matter of Fact Media, Into the Inferno artfully blends reportage, history and philosophy into a riveting cinematic experience.

When everyone’s favourite Austrian filmmaker gets his hands on a new subject or role, he goes to town, delivering something truly fascinating  and 100% dedication. No stone is left unturned and makes sure we get an idea why so many humans are truly fascinated by the majestic beasts who could wipe us all out in one eruption.

We’re based in the UK and the volcanoes on our little island are officially  are all classed as inactive, but anyone knows that sleeping giant to wake up anytime. Mostly are all in and around Scotland, plus Snowdonia in Wales and Giant Causeway across to Ireland. Our HQ is about 50 miles west of Edinburgh Castle Rock/Arthur’s Seat, however, I have walked up and down one, Vesuvius Italy.

The trailer shows off all the tropes we expect from a Herzog movie, stunning cinematography which the DoP literally putting their lives in danger. Whilst it has the scientific facts this also touches the spiritual side of things too with Herzog himself delivering a philosophical narration.

The expeditionary documentary premiered at the Telluride Film Festival and was celebrated at the 2016 TIFF. Into the Inferno launches globally (including UK&Ireland) on Netflix on October 28, 2016.