First Look At Amber Heard As Mera In Justice League

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In about 13 months time the first Justice League movie will finally  be in our local cinemas, with Warner Bros hoping to banish the blues of previous cinematic crimes. This is DECU’s ‘Avengers’, their premier league of DC A-list superheroes and Warner Bros. will be hoping to win fans back after Batman Vs.Superman:Dawn Of Justice and Suicide Squad. Arthur Curry aka Aquaman made his big screen debut  BVS but if you have been keeping tabs on the Justice League movie you’ll know Aquaman won’t the only Atlantian  appearing Mera.

Who is Mera? She’s Aquaman love interest and most of all the Queen of Atlantis but Arthur  also has his trusted advisor Vulko (Willem Dafoe). Whilst none of the Atlantians have been spotted during filming, Mera played by Amber Heard has been spotted on the set in Iceland . Now fans get an official look at  the actress in full costume.

Check out the image plus some concept art…

mera-justice-league mera-sketch mera-concept-art


We’re not going to say we know the comic book version inside out, but the word is her look is very accurate which should please fans . To be honest not a lot of people probably knew Mera was in Zack Snyder’s movie and we won’t be surprised if her time on the film will be minimal. It’s expected when James Wan‘s Aquaman (arriving in July 2018), her role will be more a major role.

Justice League is set for July 2017 UK&Irish Release date.

source: IGN