DVD Review – Sleeping Beauty (2016)

sleeping-beauty-dvdSleeping Beauty is a new retelling of the classic fairytale Staring Finn Jones and Catherine Oxenberg. Released here in the Uk by High Fliers Films on October 3rd, 2016 on DVD.

This epic retelling follows the story of the enchanted kingdom spellbound to sleep for 100 years while it’s princess slumbers in a deep death-like sleep which was cursed onto her from the evil queen. Her only chance of awakening is with true loves first kiss. This is where our story begins and the knights, princes and all other males in the kingdom fight for the chance to awaken the Sleeping Beauty.

I have always been a fan of the Sleeping Beauty story and I grew up with the Disney version as I am assuming many of us did as well. This was a must see for me when I was offered the chance to see the film. And well I can say that it was a very interesting take on the fairy tale and one I thought was pretty cool.

I liked that it was like a battle for the princess and that all these men were fighting but like with most fairy tales love wins over all and the person that truly loves her win win. I liked that the film went down a different path from other retellings of the story. They all focus on the princess or the three fairies, of course, Maleficent.

So this was actually a breath of fresh air in a way to see a different side of the story where we follow the battle to save the princess.

I will say this. The film has had pretty bad rep seeing as it’s a SyFy original film and was an Asylum Film Production. Which if we know anything about that company, they can be rather hit or miss but more miss.

This was still a fun movie though and I think going into a film like this, you need to ask yourself, did you have a good time? Was it entertaining? If your answers yes then the film has done it’s job.

I personally liked the film but can also see that it’s not the greatest film ever I did have a fun time watching it and for what it is I can say it’s the better of the Asylum films that I have seen.

Give it a watch if you like these types of films and don’t be afraid to admit you had a fun time watching it haha.

★★★| Ross Wilcock

Fantasy, Horror | USA, 2014 | 15 | High Fliers Films | 3rd October 2016 (UK) | Dir.Casper Van Dien | Finn Jones, Grace Van Dien, Catherine Oxenberg, Casper Van Dien | Buy: [DVD]

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