DVD Review – Orphanage: The Haunting (2014)

orphanage-dvdThe orphanage:The Haunting (AKA Hollow’s grove) is a found Footage horror films released on DVD from High Fliers Films.

When a young filmmaker, making a documentary follows his friend’s paranormal haunting TV show behind the scenes, he learns a lot more than what he bargained for such as – Although the crew have witnessed a minor paranormal activity most of the effects on the show are pre-planned. So when the crew go to investigate an old orphanage, which has been long shut down what they are the special effects guy playing tricks on them turn into terror when the activity in the building goes beyond the regular scale. Unable to get out and with no light, apart from the one on the camera they have to figure out how to get out before whatever is in their with them gets them.

The orphanage:The Haunting, in my opinion, is a wonderful and interesting take on the found footage genre. I know this set up has sort of been done before, but for some reason, I loved this film a lot. I think it was the natural and realistic feel the film had made it scarier. I could actually believe that the actors were experiencing these things. This is a difference from most found footage films, where usually the acting is passable at best.

Also known as Hollows Grove Orphanage is one of the best-found footage films I have seen in a long time. From the tension building atmosphere to the truly terrifying effects and twists. I loved every second of the film.

I think because I never really seem these films out there always a shock for em and I like that. Found Footage films have sort of went down hill the past few years which could be partly the reason why this film hasn’t received a Cinema release, although I would love to see it get one as I feel that it would do well.

Just seeing how the film was so well done and how it plays off fo the idea of haunted house and paranormal tv shows being fake I loved it as I liked that we could see the characters reacting as we reacted. It was such an awesome film and I can not wait to own this on DVD one it is out.

I strongly suggest picking this film up once it is out. I think that all horror fans will certainly get something from this great film! It is such a master class in the genre for sure!

A truly chilling experience!

[rating=4] | Ross Wilcock

Horror | USA, 2014 | 15 | High Fliers Films | 31st October 2016 (UK) | Dir.Craig Efros | Mykelti Williamson, Lance Henrikson, Matthew Carey, Bresha Webb, |Buy:Orphanage – The Haunting [DVD]