DVD Review – The Horror Network (2016)

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the-horror-network-dvdThe Horror Network is a new 2016 anthology film released in the Uk by the amazing left Films.

The film is great, like most anthology films there are some good and some bad ones. I was hoping that as the release was by left film I knew the film would at least decent.

I was in fact and happily right! The shorts consisted of 3:00am, Edward, the Quiet, Merry Little Christmas and the Deviance.

My stand outs for sure were 3:00am and the Quiet. I think this simply because of the fact I could see these two becoming feature films. I think for the most part that is some at the point of a short film. I could for sure see both of these easily being filled up with more of a story for a feature.

3:00am follows the story of women tormented by phone calls, all of them happening at 3:00am and as things in her house begin to appear then disappear she starts wondering if there may be something or someone in her house.

This film had so much going for it fro the core and the way the film looked I can see is being the new When A Stranger Calls.

The Quiet, however, was the complete stand out for the entire film. It follows a young death girl who is supposed to be meeting the mother at the bus stop as she does eve day, but as a short time passes and er the does not show she ends up walking through the woods but realises rather quickly that she is been followed.

This was  a nail-biting short and had everything going for it that you would want in a horror film. I was gripped and in fact didn’t want this one to end. I really hope this will become a Feature especially with the success of Netflix film Hush

Overall The Horror Network is a decent  with 3.ooam and Quiet were my Standouts. For sure a film to check out for all you anthology fans out there

| Ross Wilcock

Horror, Anthology | Various, 2016 | Left Films | 18| 24th October 2016 (UK) |Dir. Brian Dorton, Joseph Graham, Manuel Marin, Lee Matthews| Nick Frangione,Jan Cornet,Artem Mishin, Macarena Gomez |Buy:[DVD]