DVD Review – Feed The Devil (2015)

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feed-the-devil-dvdFeed the Devil is a 2016 horror film releasing in the UK on DVD from Uk distributor High Fliers. This awesome road trip from hell horror recently released.

Feed The Devil is a road trip horror film. About a couple Stella(Victoria Curtain) and Marcus (Jared Cohen) along with Stella’s younger sister Lydia(Ardis Barrow), who are searching for a way to get easy money. After a fight Stella storms off and as Marcus calms down he and Lydia search for her but with no trace, this leads them down a very deadly path.

Feed the Devil, from the title alone, terrified me and I loved it! It is the type of film you need to watch at the Halloween time of year. I think it’s a film that when I watched it, I really didn’t expect much from it but found myself loving every second of it.

I feel that was partly to do with the fact that the film was pretty short and was fast-paced, which made everything go by pretty quickly. At first, there wasn’t much gore but as the film went on the gore was surely there in full. My assumption was that given the low budget of the film gore was likely only used for the scenes where they felt was really needed rather than (with many of today’s horror films) gore is used all the time. I guess that was something I enjoyed about the film seeing as it wasn’t overly gory until later on the gore effects shocked me more.

The film had a creepy vibe from the get go and from the get-go, I knew the film was going to be scary, and thankfully I was right.

I admire High fliers for the releases they come out with, as I love pretty much all fo them. Their horror films, in particular, are always enjoyable.Here is something about this company that I think is very unique they take chances on films other studios do not, and I highly respect that.

This film was just a wonderfully horrific ride and I enjoyed every minute of it. I will say though if you have a tendency to be a little nervous watching a film I would maybe avoid this one. After all, even with myself being such a hardcore horror fan even I had to look away at points in this film.

Although I said this film was fast paced, which it was it also had scenes of slow tension building moment I really appreciated as I think it really added to the overall film.

In conclusion,Feed The Devil is a great film to scare the pants off of you this Halloween. It is gory, scary and just let’s just say you won’t want to go on a road trip for a while after seeing this film.

Great job from all involved and here’s to the awesome High fliers for the great release!

[rating=4] | Ross Wilcock

Horror | USA, 2016 | 18 | High Fliers Films |Out Now | Dir.Max Perrier | Jared Cohen, Aldis Barrow, Victoria Curtain, Tyson Houseman| Buy:Feed The Devil [DVD]