Book to Film Badasses

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Book to screen adaptations of our favourite characters are always met with anticipation and there are certain characters whose heroism is so great that it must be brought to life on the big screen. Try to imagine if the world of Harry Potter only existed between the pages of the books, or if 007 was never inspired by his book series? Part of what makes these characters so awesome is that they are able to seamlessly maintain their kickass nature as they shift from book to film. In honour of the latest rebel to grace the screens, Jack Reacher, here are a few of his fellow hall of fame badass buds.

Harry Potter

What isn’t badass about the boy who lived? From the minute Harry enters Hogwarts he can’t help himself but break the rules. Chasing Draco Malfoy on a broom as a first year, finding the chamber of secrets, competing in the Goblet of Fire, and parading around the halls under his cloak of invisibility are just a few of his instances of awesomeness. While Harry is our triumphant, brave hero, he also is known for getting into trouble. As once a student, everyone can relate to Harry, as he struggles to follow the rules that seem to get in his way of ever beating the Dark Lord. The fact that he saves the magical world and defeats Voldemort is undoubtedly reason enough that he is our favorite magical obsession. Whether in the pages or on the screen, Harry can do no wrong and is the youngest badass on our list.

Katniss Everdeen

Between volunteering as tribute in place of her sister and her wicked archery skills, Katniss Everdeen is one tough chick whom I certainly do not want mess with. She is smart and cunning and has a bit of an attitude, but is always underestimated. We love a good heroine who can continue to defy expectations and Katniss is no exception. Her vigor and strength standing up to President Snow by threatening to poison both herself and Peta is one of the best feminist moments of all time. Katniss is a badass that stands for justice and demands to be heard. For every person that has ever been afraid to speak up, it is Katniss that inspires all to rise up.

Elizabeth Bennett

While in comparison to the other literary characters on the list Elizabeth Bennett may seem completely out of place here. However she is equally as badass as any other character and does it with more grace than any other. Despite never saving the world, Bennett is indeed a badass as she stands by her convictions and is not afraid to speak her mind. Based in a period that women were raised and groomed to become wives and mothers, Bennett’s thirst for knowledge and reading is refreshingly outside the status quo. She is not afraid to reject Mr. Darcy, (who is the wealthiest and most powerful man she’s ever known), and never backs down when he challenges or insults her. Her gumption is unprecedented and she certainly has the rebellious badass genes in her DNA as she searches for love in life and refuses to settle.

James Bond

With 007, his timeless debonair and charming confidence burst from the screen, making it easy to forget that the spy originated in a literary series. As the longest running badass on the list, it’s important to understand how Bond has lasted over twenty years as our most suave agent. Whether it’s his poshness, mysterious allure, ease with women, or just saving the world, Bond never goes out of style. Despite the first book in his series being in 1953, Bond is the biggest sixty three-year-old badass I’ve ever encountered and I don’t think he is going to give up his title anytime soon.

Jack Reacher (new clip!)

The final man on our list, Mr. Jack Reacher is a rugged badass to say the least. The former U.S. Army Military Police Corps Office is not to be messed with as he searches to find justice within the corruptness of his world. As the American inspired equivalent to his predecessor, Mr. Bond, Reacher is not afraid to get down and dirty to find the truth. His sniping and driving skills makes Jack Reacher a mix between 007 and Fast and Furious. He is the sexy, tough, badass American hero while maintaining his aloof, loner edge. Reacher’s ability to see through lies and deceit allow him to become an intensely real vigilante.

While the realm of badass is vast, each individual holds their place on the list because they do not step down from opposition. Part of being an iconic rebel means that you have to step around the rules set in order to achieve the greatness that you are destined for. Badassery does not exist within every hero, and it is even tougher to successfully portray it when shifting from book to screen. However, Jack Reacher and his fellow mates are the few exceptions when they are equally as incredible both on and off the screen.

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