31 Days Of Horror (Day 30) – The Taking (2014)


The Taking is a found footage horror film from 2014 following the story of a documentary film crew (lead by Michelle Ang, Neighbours, Fear Of The Walking Dead) exploring the effects of Alzheimers. They go to stay with an elderly woman Deborah (Jill Larson) and her daughter Sarah(Anne Ramsay), while Debrah goes through her treatment for the illness. However, her behaviour begins to get worse and worse. The doctors keep saying it is part of the illness, however, the crew and Deb’s daughter Sarah feel that her behaviour is more demonic.

The Taking (or The Taking Of Deborah Logan as it’s called elsewhere) was a very interesting film as it deals with a very sensitive subject matter, that might trigger some viewers. But it is done in such a way that it is pretty powerful. I found this film to be super creepy and so disturbing.

I think that had a lot to do with the helplessness of the characters and that n one really knows much about Alzheimers enough to know if and how people will react to the illness. I found it very creepy though that the crew filming seemed to be pretty smart when figuring out things, but then it could be explained by something within the illness.

The film uses the illness as a tool to get away with certain things, but I liked the transition to where you know as the audience that illness or not these things  cannot be part of it.

Even though the film was pretty slow I found myself constantly getting a shock by what went down in the film. Just when you think you are getting a calm moment the film hits you once again. Liked that it did that, it means that the film is keeping u on your toes.

It is a truly brilliant found footage movie and is certainly one of the more creepy once to come from recent years. I can not say enough good things about it.

There are movies within the genre that are similar but still its pretty enjoyable and catches you off guard enough that it stands on its own in the genre. I think dealing with something still pretty new in terms of a cure helped the film as I said.

I highly recommend The Taking and I encourage all of you if you watch any found footage film make it this one. It is super creepy and everything you would want in a horror film.

| Ross Wilcock

Horror | USA, 2014 | Dir.Adam Robitel | Jill Larson, Anne Ramsay, Michelle Ang

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