Write For us! We’re Recruiting

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We’re now in the last quarter if 2016, Autumn is here and it’s time to recruit once again here at The Peoples Movies and Cinehouse Blogs. We have many positions we’re looking to fill and hope you are the ones we’re looking for to write for us!

Our main focus at The Peoples Movies & Cinehouse you’ll know is movies, not just on the big screen but also the small screen.From the latest new cinema releases to re-releases of classics, to hidden gems from around the world we do our best to cover many genres as possible.

We mustn’t forget new territories  such as the the explosion of streaming services like Amazon Prime to Netflix  which challenge the traditions of Television. We hope this is new areas you’ll write about .

We love given new territories a try, we never like to give up, and even when we do come up against a hurdle, like the Orange Juice song “rip it up and start again. We know we’ll get there in the end. So we are looking to spread our wings to cover more Wrestling, Anime, even looking to re-start gaming too. We are hoping to break into Vlogging and Podcasting, the list of opportunities is endless. We have news stories, trailers & clips, features, articles, essays and interviews not forgetting reviews.

These positions are unfortunately we can’t afford to pay, however if your looking  to build your CV we can certainly help you. We’re not going to boast we’re one of the big boys, our hearts are big, our passion is strong and 8 years down the line (7 years for Cinehouse) I think we can say we’ve done not bad!

Below is some info on the positions we like to fill and we love for you to write for us.Most of the positions below will include reviews, and we’re looking for writers willing to to review all formats as well as many

So if you want to join us please complete to fill the form below, good luck!

General Writers (min 2 writers) – Help with the news, trailers, clips , and off course the reviews but also other features, articles, essays too.

TV /Streaming Writers (min 2 writers) – Cover news, trailers, articles, features on all as well as the reviews. You must have access to channels like Sky Atlantic, AMC, Fox, Universal, SYFY, Sky One, Two, Living, this position also includes Netflix/Amazon Prime

Netflix/Amazon Prime Writers (min 1)- Must have access to the streaming channels willing to review not just tv series but the films, alongside covering any news, trailers, views, interviews.

Wrestling (min 2) – Access to likes of WWE, NXT, TNA, ROH any other major Wrestling shows, present weekly reports, news, rumours, features, articles review PPVs, home releases. This position can also be presented partly as a podcast/video blog too.

Anime (Min 2) – we can help with latest releases for review also present a news , trailers, possible interviews, reports, articles, features too.

Feature/Article/Essay Writers – Rather create features, lists, articles or essays on Film, TV, Anime, wrestling?

Podcaster/Video Bloggers – Like above but rather create a magazine style podcast or video blog? get in touch

Cinehouse Writers (min 2) – From the reviews, trailers, news, articles, essays, covering world cinema, arthouse, cult, classics, have a love for alternative side of Hollywood.