Watch New Clip For 9th Life Of Louis Drax

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If your looking for something truly unique this weekend to watch Alexandre Aja‘s new film 9th Life Of Louis Drax will certainly win on the film title at least. To celebrate today’s UK&Irish cinema release Soda Pictures have sent us a spanking  new clip.

In 9th Life Of  Louis Drax, when nine-year-old Louis Drax inexplicably reawakens from the dead after his latest life-threatening accident, he becomes the patient of celebrated neurologist Dr. Allan Pascal (Jamie Dornan), who specialises in child psychology. Determined to uncover the truth of Louis’ bizarre existence, Pascal is drawn into both the child’s life and that of his fragile mother Natalie (Sarah Gadon), whose affections begin to cloud his judgements.

While Louis recuperates in a comatose state, Pascal sets about putting the mysterious pieces of the Drax family together, the truths of which begin to test the boundaries of fantasy and reality.

It’s been a very long road for this film, 12 years in the making with sadly the 2 who kicked off everything are sadly no longer with us. However Anthony Minghella and Sydney Pollack paved the road for the film to become reality, a legacy that saw Anthony’s son Max come onboard. Aja and (Max) Minghella know eacher so well after working on Horns, lots of blood, sweat and tears we now have a film.

It’s a tricky film to try and explain, it’s one of those films  you have to see it in your own eyes to appreciate it. Our writer Ross Wilcock was fortunate to catch a preview of the film and he was impressed. He called it a ‘chilling, tense mind bender‘ and in his review he did mention a film he compared it too. We won’t say that film as it could be seen as a bit of a spoiler, you can check out Ross review here.

The 9th Life Of Drax is out now (2nd September) in UK & Irish cinema co-starring Aaron Paul, Molly Parker, Barbara Hershey, and Oliver Platt.