Top 10 Scariest Films On Netflix

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As both Halloween and colder weather approach, spending nights with Netflix sounds like a great way to relax and stay away from the cold. If you’re a horror fan and you like being scared to death by films, then this list is right up your alley. If, on the other hand, you don’t really have to stomach to take all the gore and organs all over your screen, then this list could inspire you what to do on Halloween. Just make sure to have some friends with you when watching any of these top ten scariest films on Netflix, because if you’re alone in your home when watching them, lack of sleep due to horror hallucinations is possible.

1. The Exorcism Of Emily Rose

To many horror lovers out there it’s no surprise that this movie is at the top of our list. Movies about the things we can’t understand, but still feel their presence are more often than not scariest and they stay with us the longest. This classic follows the tale of a nineteen-year-old Emily that gets possessed by none else than Satan himself. The fact that the film is based on real events only makes you hold your breath even more.

2. Amityville Horror

This is another film based on a true story and you can choose which version you want to watch, because there are two, one from 1979 and one from 2005. Both the original and the remake have their strong suits, it is completely up to you if you want to be scared senseless by and oldie, but goodie or if you are more in the mood to see the darker shade of Ryan Reynolds’ acting. Either way, you’re in for one hell of a ride that will might make you cleanse your house with sage, just to be certain there are no ghosts around.

3. Below

If you’re claustrophobic and you don’t fancy being in the deep water too much, then this movie is not for you. Or it might be perfect to give you the willies, now that we think about it. Featuring David Twohy and Zach Galifianakis, Bellow takes you to the deep waters, where along with the protagonists, you have do deal with the ghost bellow the deck of a submarine. If you’re in the mood for jump scares this Halloween, then be sure that Bellow won’t disappoint.

4. Scream

Here the name captures the story of the movie to the t. Though the movie started out as a way to ridicule the slashers from the eighties, it soon gained popularity and is still beloved by many today twenty years later. The setting is all but familiar, attractive teenagers have to get away from a masked killer, who is all but eager to send them all to the other world. However, just because it’s practically a parody doesn’t mean you shouldn’t watch it, because it will still make you hold on to your chair and not blink.

5. From Dusk Till Down

Did somebody say Tarantino? If you are at all familiar with this director’s work, then you know he’s not afraid to take things to a whole new level. Mixing constant sexual tension with gore and vampires, Tarantino was probably the inspiration of many vampire-inspired love stories that followed this movie, that weren’t even close to Selma Hayek’s dancing act that made all of our jaws drop and drool. If, by any chance, you’ve never watched it before, then do it this Halloween, trust us, you won’t regret it.

6. Babadook

You know nothing of monsters until you’ve watched Babadook. There are few stories about possibly imaginary monsters that are scarier than this one, probably because here, there’s a child involved. Both mother and her son are fighting to get away from Babadook, the monster that the son claims will kill them and the mother won’t admit it exists. After you’ve watched the movie, you’ll know which of them is right.

7. The Devil’s Rejects

Here’s a movie that will make your cringe with disgust. The Devil’s Rejects isn’t what you’d call “a normal horror movie” if there is such a thing and often times it is completely gut wrenching. Firefly family will make you feel glad for having normal siblings (or not having them at all, for that matter) and while they’re trying to escape authorities, they will use all the means necessary to get what they want. This trio will take you to the next level of slasher horror, but there’s also a sickening note to it, which is why you should approach it with caution and feel free to pause at any time.

8. Event Horizon

Would you ever consciously go into the black hole? If your answer is shaking your head in negation, then you’ve answered as pretty much anyone would. However, in this movie, we are traveling along with a crew of astronauts right into the heart of a black hole, where they will find the entrance to Hell. It doesn’t take much imagination to understand what happens next – blood splatter everywhere, organs hanging from the ceiling and all the torments of Hell just waiting to happen.

9. Insidious

There’s something with children and horror movies that just clicks. Same is true for this horror and we definitely recommend not watching it without company, because your house will not feel safe. Insidious is all about maleficent ghosts using the body of a comatose boy to get what they want and the boy’s parents trying to fight evil beings any way they can. If you’ve got your own children, then maybe you should opt out for a different horror, you don’t want to suspect your child being possessed every time he/she cries or does something bad.

10. Teeth

Does vagina dentata mean anything to you? If you’ve studied modern literature a bit, then you’re familiar with the term in its theoretical meaning, but what about the real deal? Teeth deals with a teenage girl discovering that vagina dentata is what she has after she completely annihilates her assaulters and this is where the story becomes interesting. If you’ve never thought about having teeth (and teeth that bite) in your private parts, but the thought intrigued you, take a look at this movie, and you’ll give your best never to think about vagina dentata again.

Watching horror movies isn’t for those faint of heart, as well for those who often suffer from nightmares. If however, you’re a horror movies lover and can’t wait for the Halloween to come, then feel free and take your pick from our list. If you’re not living in the US, but are still craving Netflix and all it has to offer, there are numerous ways to get around geo-blocking and to the websites such are virtual private networks and proxies. Once you’ve got the restrictions behind you, feel free to enjoy Netflix and Halloween as much as you’d like. –

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