Rob Zombie’s 31 UK Trailer Death Is The Only Escape

After making it’s UK premiere at this year’s Horror Channel Frightfest Rob Zombie‘s long awaited roller coaster terror ride 31 is now coming to a cinema near you. If you missed the premiere not long to wait as the film is getting a (limited) Cinema release this month and Vertigo Releasing have sent us the UK trailer, check it out…

We loved Zombie’s Bava/Lynch inspired Lords of Salem but for 31 he goes back to his roots with an ultra-violent grindhouse-infused slasher. According to the reception of the film his old school fans will love this especially Father Napoleon Horatio Silas Murder. A change of pace from serious to goretastic in your face fun, no holds barred. He has a style that you would instantly recognise it’s a ‘Rob Zombie‘ film (if you haven’t clicked already from Mrs Zombie wearing the usual skimpy outfits).

In 31, A camper van of carnival workers are kidnapped in the middle of nowhere by a trio of debauched decadents. Set loose in a derelict factory compound full of creepy passages containing nasty traps, the abductors, led by the maliciously murderous Father Murder, place bets on who will survive the longest in a 12-hour period of pain and maim against an array of sadistic clowns with such charmingly clear-cut nicknames as Psycho-Head, Sick-Head, Death-Head and Sex-Head. You have been warned!

If Pennywise has scared the Heevie Jeevies out off you, Zombie’s clowns may send you to an early grave, this looks one demented funhouse of terror you’ll ever visit. Nightmares forever! Whilst the Giallo masters inspired The Lords, this one has alot to thank Tobe Hooper, The Running Man, even Saw. It’s trademark Rob Zombie back on form.

Rob Zombie‘s 31 is set for UK cinema (and VOD) release on 23rd September. The film stars Sherri Moon Zombie,Malcolm McDowell,Judy Geeson,Meg Foster,Richard Brake and Daniel Roebuck.

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