Reasons WWE’s New Era Works

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The days of the Attitude Era are long gone, but does that mean wrestling as a whole went along with it? No. Truth is, if you still want to watch great wrestling there’s Ring Of Honor, New Japan Pro Wrestling, recent WWE, and tons of indie promotions. For today, let’s discuss that third option.

If you’ve been watching WWE programming since the draft this year, you’ll notice quite a change. For example, AJ Styles is the WWE World Champion. For a guy his size to be a champion in an industry where big guys rule, it’s a bit of a surprise and also quite rare. Most importantly than anything else is that Styles has quite the fan base.

Finn Bálor was the first ever WWE Universal Champion, but due to injury, he had to relinquish the title the day after he won it. Much like AJ, he also has quite the fan base.

John Cena seems to be putting over. talent and by that I mean loosing some pretty big matches. That’s something to tip your hat to. Plus Roman Reigns isn’t headlining every pay per view. I mean its probably because he violated WWE‘s wellness policy, but still. On a side note, I don’t think he’s a terrible wrestler, I, just like others, thought  he needed to improve on the mic and his push was timed wrong.

The divas division is looking great. Recently, Sasha did that whole retirement bit, which stirred up some controversy. I still thought it was cool, though. Bayley is now on raw and Becky Lynch is the first ever Smackdown Women’s Champion.

Yeah, overall I’d say there on the right track. not everything is perfect, but a few misses with a bunch of hits works for me.

Charles Osborne