Mark Millar Wants John Cena To Star In Superior Movie Adaptation

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He’s the master of the five knuckle shuffle but could  John Cena be the lead man in Superior movie adaptation? Mark Millar thinks he is!

When it comes to comic book movie adaptations Mark Millar is certainly one of those figures that’s delivered the goods. With Kick-Ass, Wanted and The Kingsman all with some degree of success it was only a matter of time one when his next book Superior would get the push. The idea for a film has been floating in limbo for a few years now but earlier this year Brandon and Phillip Murphy apparently hired to write the script. So it seems now Fox  might just have their male lead.

Superior  was released in 2010 by Icon Comics a story of a 12 year old boy with multiple sclerosis called Simon Pooni who is granted one wish by an demonic alien monkey.The wish takes is to become the comic book hero he adores and worships, Superior. The whole series was only seven issues with the last copy published in 2012 and it was 2011 Matthew Vaughn (whose set to produce) picked up the book’s rights.

So why has Mark Millar requested WWE Superstar John Cena to play the titular character? After watching Amy Schumer’s Trainwreck, Cena was so funny in it and had to request the wrestler to play in his next adaptation.

WWE and Hollywood  have had a long relationship, with many superstars exchanging  the squared circle for the bright lights of Tinseltown. Not a very good one however when Dwayne Johnson  took those steps  things started to change. Amazingly that’s now a longtime ago and Johnson is now a big draw at the box office and John Cena does possess similar qualities to the Peoples Champ. Cena has a similar charisma  to Johnson and  he’s shown he has the actiing  chops and a funnybone in Trainwreck, Daddy’s Home, and Sisters. The roles have been small but effective, whilst The Marine and 12 Rounds might have been Home releases he’s shown he can lead too.

It’s still early days and with everything  been up in the air since 2011 anything can happen. With creator Mark Millar showing his support for John Cena this could still happen but it may rely on Cena’s WWE ring schedule too.