Forbidden Love In Drake Doremus’ Equals UK Trailer

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Whatever happens in our little green planet Love will always be around, Male/female, male/male, female/Female. Today Icon Film Distribution have released the UK trailer for Drake Doremus‘ Dystopian  thriller Equals which Nicholas Hoult and Kristen Stewart find Forbidden Love. Attempting to defeat the odds and find love in a world where emotion and relationships are forbidden.

Equals takes place in a colourless, post-apocalyptic society known as The Collective.Where its inhabitants have been genetically modified between conception and birth to be “emotion-free.” Consequently, emotion, love, and sex have been outlawed.

Silas (Nicholas Hoult), an illustrator in The Collective, mysteriously starts experiencing feelings and realises he has become afflicted with “Switched-On-Syndrome.” As Silas is grappling with his new, undisclosed condition, he finds himself drawn to Nia (Kristen Stewart), a fiction writer, who he soon discovers is also emotionally alive, and also hiding the condition.

For most of the year right into the Summer Equals has been playing the Film Festival circuit until recently (July) a limited cinema release in USA. Here in the UK it’s a Digital/VOD then DVD release possibly thanks to the mixed reviews from Stateside. This film however does seem to be a film that’s won over the cinephiles than the critics.

This may not be a highly original film however the film’s look (which has caused some controversy) is exquisite. The minimalist design does work really well in a Dystopian sci-fi premise, given the viewer an aesthetic totalitarian society. Reminds us of George Lucas THX1138, 1984 even Romeo And Juliet all heightens the romanticism with the our on screen lovers Hoult and Stewart delivering a believable chemistry. Many review did also praise the lead’s acting strong performance, ‘O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?’

Back In July we has a guest post which was sort of a review of Equals, check that post here.

Equals also stars Guy Pearce, Jackie Weaver and Bel Powley, with the film been released Digitally on Monday 19th September. Eventually arriving on DVD and Video On Demand from 3rd October.