First Image For Jumanji Remake Launched, Filming Started.


Ok you ‘jabroni’s’, he inspired our site’s name and now to the millions and MILLIONS! of The Rocks fans have a first look at the great one in Jumanji remake. No arguments you may not like everything he’s in but you can’t deny he’s one of the hardest working actors in the game just now. He has the charisma filmmakers adore and one that’s perfect for this 2017 version of the popular 1995 film that starred the late Robin Williams.

Today via Dwayne Johnson‘s co-star Kevin Hart Instagram account we get the first image from the film has been unveiled. The image shows Hart, Johnson along with Karen Gillan looking like she’s just auditioned for Lara Croft Tomb Raider. Next to her is Jack Black  looking like he’ll be the ‘science brain’ of the cast with Hart the comedy value with his Jimmy Cricket hat. And there’s more… (sorry bad Jimmy Cricket joke/slogan)! The image did also announce the first day of shooting.

Apart from who’s the main star Johnson who will play Dr.Bravestone  not alot  is known on  the rest of the cast. Will Jonhnson’s character be like an homage to Indiana Jones with Gillan possibly to Lara Croft? Could Black’s character be an homage to The Hunter from the original film? It does look like he maybe from 1800/1900’s (early) looking at his clothing, possibly a little pompous, which could suggest Kevin Hart will be his servant?

Whatever we think we can clearly see the Jumanji of 2017 is going to be completely different, a jungle setting  sets up the adventure side. There doesn’t look like anyone from the original film but it’s doesn’t mean there won’t be elements from that film fall into this. There not really calling this a Remake potentially a sequel or even prequel  but culture clashes do look like might happen.

Jumanji is set for a July 2017 (possibly 28th) with Nick Jonas also starring with Jake Kasdan directing.