DVD Review – Equals (2016)


Equals a new epic Sci-Fi film from Icon Film Distribution,starring Nicholas Holt and Kristen Stewart .

A mind blowing love story.

Equals follows the secret relationship of two work mates (Holt and Stewart) who fall in love in a world where everyone is emotionless. At risk of being caught the two decide to end their affair but end up falling into a world of danger as they quickly realise that feeling human emotions might be not only the end of their love story but the end of their life story.

I was not sure what to expect going into this film. I had seen articles and news about the film online, as I am a fan of both of the stars. I went into this having read as little as possible. I was glad of that.

The film is so heart breaking and epic and was very unique in its plot. That was a massive draw for me going into this as I wanted to see something a little different, not saying this has not happened in a film before, but it was nice to see something that isn’t done to often, at least what I have seen.

This film felt to me like it should have been bigger than it was, until I got the offer to review the film for its DVD release – I will be honest I had no idea it had even had a release. I was very grateful to get the chance to see this film.

I just liked the whole nature of the film and what it was trying to achieve.

From the get go you know that something is going to go wrong and there is a sense of fear while watching as you know that there is always going to be a conflict at some point in the film. The relationship of Stewart and Holt was good. I think they worked well enough together and I certainly thought this was a stand out performance for both of them.

I genuinely hope this film does well because I like the whole premise of it and I like that it was trying to be a little different.

Overall it was a great film, great acting and great story. I will only saw one thing, I would have liked more to happen sooner I felt that at points the film dragged a little and had a little slow pace to it. It worked out in the end though and I really recommend this film.

[rating=4] | Ross Wilcock

Sci-fi, Romance, Drama | Australia, 2015 | 15 | Icon Film Distribution |3rd October 2016 (uk)| Dir. Drake Doremus | Nicholas Hoult, Kristen Stewart, Guy Pearce, Jacki Weaver, Toby Huss | Buy:Equals [DVD]