DVD Review – 0ur Kind Of Traitor (2016)

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Studio canal, Film4 and Amazon prime present this gripping thriller starring Ewan Mcgregor and Naomi Harris. Out on Digital release from September 5th and on DVD and Blu-Ray from September 12th 2016.

When a couple holiday in Morocco and are thrown into a world of crime and threat. Perry (Mcgregor) meets a Dima (Stellan Skarsgård), a Russian man who is in trouble with the Russian mafia and wants Perry to help him get him (and his family) safely to England, however this is not the case and soon Perry and his wife Gail (Harris) are caught up in this epic spy thriller.

So I am going to start of by saying, shamefully I did not catch the night manager which I believe this was based on a novel by the same author of which this film was based on. So I went into this totally fresh. Which in many ways I am pleased with because I have nothing to compare the film to which can be a good thing.

Secondly I will also say that I am not one for Spy films, as much as I appreciate a god James Bond or Jason Bourne film these types of films are not my usual thing. However based on the cast I did want to check this film out.

So as I said I have never really been a spy movie fan, although The few I have seen I have enjoyed. There just not really something I would seek out.

This film I was really hoping would change my mind and get me right into the genre. As much as I can safely say that Our Kind Of Traitor was very good, It just wasn’t my thing.

This film is very  gripping and compelling but still wasn’t reaching the levels that I was wanting it to. I feel like as good as it was and through nothing but my own doing I put way to much onto this film.

It was gripping and was very chilling and there were event times that I found myself doing the typical Thriller thing where I am practically biting my nails. However this is a common trait for me with films that are thrilling. I just think that I put so much onto this film and wanted so much from it so when I see it going through the motions I just though blah, it was decent.

However, looking at it from the view of a general film fan I thought yeah it was good but looking at it from a spy movie fan, then its done it’s job very well as I think it was a very gripping and thrilling film that I was hoping would open my eyes and introduce me to a new genre of film.

So as much as I say ‘oh I am not into this film’ and whatever here is the facts, the film was very very good. There were heart bounding moments (of which I shall not spoil) there were moment I held my breath. There were even moments I thought wow this film is hitting me hard. However my main fault was that I found myself seeing this as (personally) a one time watch.

Overall as I say it was gripping, thrilling and exciting but just not my thing. I would recommend it for sure. I thought the acting was superb form all cast and the story, although pretty generic for a spy type film was still gripping enough and I was hooked with the story.

A Killer Chiller of a film

[rating=4] | Ross Wilcock

Thriller | UK, 2016 | 15 | Studiocanal | 12th September 2016 (UK)| Dir. Susanna White | Ewan McGregor, Naomie Harris, Damian Lewis, Stellan Skarsgård, Alicia von Rittberg | Buy:[DVD]