VOD Film Review – Blessid (2014)

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Dark, Insane and freaking awesome!

Blessid is a new drama, horror film from 2014 finally getting its release in festivals and on VoD in 2016.

Sarah is a young pregnant woman, who is deeply depressed. She is married to a man she does not love and is tormented by thoughts from her childhood. But when she befriends her odd neighbour, her life takes a very mysterious turn and she learn some interesting things about herself, and everyone around her.

Blessid is one of those films that has been travelling around the film scene for a couple of years. Filmed in 2014 and released throughout the year right up until now. I was honoured to get the chance to view the film.

I have to say I really enjoyed it. It went places that, to be honest I really did not see it going. It actually reminded me of some other films especially the 2015? New Zealand horror film Housebound which follows a very loose similar story to the point of a young woman confined to her house and has a interest in her neighbour, which drives the story on. This film is also very good.

However this film suddenly became very dark, which I liked but was unexpected and I liked that it did that as it made the film very unpredictable.

The film went places that I thought a lot fo films wouldn’t go to considering the condition of the main character. Again another film that comes to mind is the 2015 horror Visions where the lead character is pregnant. I think this is a very powerful thing in a horror film as instantly you want the lead character to be ok and for her not to get hurt. Again this is a very great thing for a horror film to do as it isn’t to common to have a pregnant lead.

My only one real complaint was that at times in the beginning the acting was slightly off, but this wasn’t for long and for pretty much the entire film. I would say the acting was solid.

I honestly see this film doing so well and I wish it nothing but the best. I do think this would do so well if it got a DVD release here in the UK.

Overall really enjoyable and would recommend it to everyone.

★★★★1/2 | Ross Wilcock

Drama | USA, 2014 | 15 | Global Genesis | Out Now | Dir.Rob Fitz | Rachel Kerbs, Rick Montgomery Jr., Gene Silvers, Kate Jurdi, Chris Divecchio | Watch VoD Vimeo (UK)| Amazon