V.O.D Review – 400 Days (2016)

V.O.D Review – 400 Days (2016)


400 days is a 2016 sci-fi mystery film from vertigo Entertainment. Released on 19th August 2016.

Four astronauts are nearing their completion of a 400 day simulation, but as the days go by they start to suspect that things are not as they seem.

400 days was a very interesting film to watch, It had a lot going for it and was, for the most part, a film I really liked.
However there were times I felt the film was a little slow. This however did not affect my enjoyment of the film.
I think vertigo are a great company a have released some interesting releases. One that comes to mind is the 2013 Canadian Home invasion thriller Torment.

As I say I did really liked this film but some of the characters were a little irritating and I could have doen without them.

Something that I really liked about the film was that it done a very good job at playing with your mind, you never really knew what to expect or where the film was going to go. That can be a tricky thing to do and this film really managed to get it right.

I think this is one of those films that will be a very unexpected surprise for many people. I didn’t expect much form it if I am being honest and I think I got a lot more form it than I really thought I would.

Overall I think this was a great watch and a truly unexpected film. I liked it a lot but again its been doen before but hey. Its entertaining and tries something a little different.

I’d say check it out if you can.Great  Flick

★★★1/2| Ross Wilcock

Mystery, Sci-Fi | USA, 2015 | 15 | Vertigo Films | 19th August 2016 (UK) |Dir.Matt Osterman | Brandon Routh, Dane Cook, Caity Lotz,Ben Feldman,Tom Cavanagh,

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