T-Mobile’s Binge On Lets Users Stream Videos Without Eating up Data

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Users have streamed over 765 million hours of video data-free from its new Binge On service. That’s good news for both viewers and media providers, according to T-Mobile. Eighty-five percent of Binge On providers expect their customers to watch movies and shows longer than without the service. So far, the list of participating Binge On providers includes ABC, DISH Anywhere, the Disney Channel, FOX Now and over 100 others. Here’s a closer look at the new service and what it means for consumers.

Unlimited Binge On Mobile Data
In the past, smartphone providers charged users for streaming videos and ate up valuable data. This discouraged users from consuming long-format movies and other media on their mobile devices. Now, Binge On allows users to watch unlimited streaming video from their providers without touching their high speed 4G LTE data.

But how practical is it to watch a movie on a mobile device? Phablets and larger smartphone displays make it easier and more enjoyable to consume an entire movie. For example, the Quad HD display on an LG G5 offers crisp, clear video-streaming quality. The G5’s settings also help adjust the brightness of the screen in daylight hours for optimal movie viewing.

More Available Movies
T-Mobile smartphone users have instant access to hundreds of movies through Binge On providers. Netflix, HBO Now, Showtime and YouTube are just some of the providers who have signed on to offer streaming movies. T-Mobile also is offering a free movie rental a month from VUDU as long as the Binge On feature is enabled. Providers have reported that it is easy to join the program and they have experienced increased viewership.

Increased User Consent
There are pros and cons to using Binge On. Even though T-Mobile’s free video streaming service runs at a lower resolution than what the device can output, it is still meant to be DVD-quality. If users want to enjoy a higher resolution video, they can simply turn off Binge On and use the data from their cellphone plan. When they’re finished with the video, they can turn Binge On back on and continue watching feature-length movies and major network television shows.

Movies on the Go
Is it easier to just watch a movie on TV? It depends on who you ask. While watching a feature-length film on a large screen might be ideal for social gatherings, it’s not always practical for the modern-day consumer. According to Accenture Consulting’s report, “Digital Video and the Connected Consumer,” viewership of long-form TV and movie content on an actual TV has declined 13 percent globally. Business travelers, those who rarely watch TV and anyone who wants more flexibility can instead rely on large-screen smartphones to watch their media without worrying about eating up data and being charged for overages. Binge On also simplifies watching media on multiple screens.