Kate Beckinsale’s The Disappointments Room Unlocks A New Trailer

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The Disappointments Room Kate Beckinsale

No one likes to see anyone go bankrupt as we know sadly Relativity Media was one such company, with The Disappointments Room one such film impacted on the company. 2 years on since it was made Relativity are ready to launch the film and today we get a look at the film’s first U.S trailer as Kate Beckinsale unlocks a room full of horrors…

The Disappointments Room tells the story of one family’s terror-filled encounter within their own home. Looking for a fresh start, Dana (Kate Beckinsale) and David, together with their 5-year-old son Jeremy, move into their dream house, a beautiful old rural home. Hidden within the attic was a secret room. When frightening and unexplainable events lead Dana to discover the long lost key to this room, she accidentally unlocks a host of unimaginable horrors that reveal the house’s past is terrifyingly tied with her own.

When it comes to horror film’s there seems to be a level of imbalance. Great premise, plenty of scare, good trailer but let down by the film’s name. This sums up this film perfectly however horror fans (or film fans in general) have also seen the opposite when a film has a great title but let down everywhere else (or all the best bit revealed in the trailer.

Thankfully the film’s trailer doesn’t actually give much away in terms of spoilers, it actually entices our curiosities to engage with The Disappointments Room. It’s nothing new to the horror fan we know what we want and DJ Caruso‘s (Disturbia, Eagle Eye) film is hitting the right buttons. Reshapes those well used tropes hopefully into something exciting enough, just hope there’s no ‘disappointments’.

The Disappointments Room doesn’t have a UK&Irish release date yet. We don’t know if the film has a UK distributor also but this is only a limited cinema release Stateside (9th September) which could suggest direct to DVD Release for us. The film also stars Lucas Till, Gerald McRaney, Mel Raido, Michael Landes and Ella Jones.

Source: Yahoo Movies