Imaginary Friends Retiring In Kate Tsang’s So You’ve Grown Attached

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Youve Grown Attached

We all come of age one day, some traits we easily grow out off, others we never give them up (or at least with a fight). When the sad time comes it could be hard saying goodbye like in Kate Tsang‘s award winning short ‘You’ve Grown Attached‘. Check out the short film…

From childhood to adolescence You’ve Grown Attached is a story of young girl moving on getting older a short film the film’s director “this black-and-white short is a mash-up of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and Drop Dead Fred, with plenty of creativity and visual flare.”

When it comes to charm, coming of age stories seem to boast they have plenty charm and and ends up been a big let down. Tsang’s film does seem to capture the charm delivering a nice balance between sentiment and whimsical tone, very imaginative film that. It feels genuinely authentic, you could argue we get a sense of a larger world here, which could tease a potential feature film.

source: Short Of The Week