Hell Or High Water Antidote To Mediocre Season? Watch UK Trailer

Hell Or High Water

Let’s be honest how many years have we’ve said ‘this is going to be a great Summer blockbuster season’? Too many times sadly. 2016 has been no different and as we approach the end of of the season David MacKenzie‘s Hell Or High Water might just be the antidote to this Summer’s big let down and today we get our look at the film’s UK trailer courtesy of those good folks at StudioCanal UK. Check it out…

From the claustrophobic confines of prison in his award winning Starred Up (the film that propelled Jack O’Connell into Hollywood limelight)to a Texan Heist movie of brotherly love. The film has been gaining fantastic buzz since it’s debut on the festival circuit at Cannes and last weekend released in USA with fantastic reviews. Proving that you don’t need flashy CGI Special effects, superheroes, just solid idea and great script. Sicaro‘s Taylor Sheridan has written the script on a Western Crime-noir that’s been called No Country For Old Men remade as a Heist movie?!

In Hell Or High Water two brothers, Toby (Chris Pine)an divorced father of 2 kids and Tanner (Ben Foster)an ex-con, face the prospect of losing their dying mothers farm. What do you do? The pair decide to go on a bank robbery spree to the farm but what was meant to be one robbery, thanks to trigger happy Tanner. As they try to make a better future for themselves it puts them on a collision course with a West Texas Ranger (Jeff Bridges) determined to take them down, before he retires.

Some may say the film’s title is a bit misleading but put that idea to one side and look at whats unfolding on the big screen with Chris Pine on the crest of high wave.Ben Foster build a strong few years, solid as ever of course Jeff Bridges as foul mouthed old timer who would challenge anyone’s social compass.

Hell Or High Water will be released in UK& Ireland on 9th September. The film also stars Gil Birmingham, Kevin Rankin and Katy Mixon.

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