Frightfest 2016 Review – The Cell


Cell comes from us by Signature Entertainment and is based off of the best seller by Stephen King, the man that brought us Carrie, IT and Misery.

When a strange cell phone signal pierces out world wide an epidemic breaks out and people become bloody thirsty creatures. In New England survivors of the attack try and figure out what is going on, and how to stop it before they to become pray to this deadly worlds end.

I have been anticipating CELL for the longest time. It has been a film that many film fans alike have been discussing. Not having read the book I was pleased, in a way that I would get to see the film fresh with no fear of comparing the two works. However I did do some research on the book in preparation for this review.

But for all of those people out there that are like me and have not read the book here it is my honest, true and no holding back review.

Firstly before I get right into the grittiness, I did like this film – for the most part. I think it was a great horror film that had a lot of promise. Given that the films origin is from the mind of one of the worlds most respected horror writers. There was no way this film could be bad, right?

Like I said I want to start off by stating that I personally liked this film and I personally think it was a decent attempt at a good horror film. There was just a lot of dragging along and a lot of negatives that out weigh the positives.

For starters I didn’t think that the gore affects and make up were as good as they could be. The film seemed more like a direct to DVD title to me, there is with out a doubt nothing wrong with that however. I for one have enjoyed some of this years direct to DVD titles.

I think the theatrical release factor will certainly be a key factor in why I feel a lot fo people will not like this film to much. I feel like as a festival film it was great, as a film that you would check out on DVD or on Netflix great film. But it doesn’t jump out at me as being a cinema release film.

I keep going back and forth in my mind with this film because as I do keep saying to my standards of film I liked it and I do think that it will have its audience. I do, however, feel that it is my duty to talk for the masses in this case.

The film is a strikingly decent film with a really interesting premise. I can not think of anything scarier than the thing pretty much all of us use on probably an hourly basis is the thing that ultimately could end us. I did really like that and I think audiences will like that as well. The fact of the reliability factor in the film or more the fear factor is what I think will make the film a cult hit down the line.

Cast wise I love anything that Samuel L Jackson is in, come on who doesn’t the man made Snakes on A Plane go form utter garbage to eh just with his presence.

John Cusack as well has been a show stopper many times in his career. One of my favourites of his recent work is the 2014 drama Adult World.

Overall I do like this film but ill say that I would wait on this one for home release and for sure pick it up then. It is a film that I think could have been done better.

The fact that it was originally meant to screen at Glasgow FrightFest and was suddenly cancelled was not a good sign for me.

I am still in two minds with this film and I really wanna give it my love, I want to give my love to all films. All I can say is that at the end of the day Was I entertained – yes for the most part, would I watch the film again? Yes I would. Is this a film I would recommend? Yes but wait for DVD. Lastly is this film worth seeing? I would say yes it is.

[rating=3] | Ross Wilcock

Horror, Thriller | USA, 2014 | 15 | Horror Channel FrightFest 2016 | Signature Entertainment | 26th August 2016 (UK) | Dir.Tod Williams | John Cusack, Samuel L.Jackson, Isabelle Fuhrman |