Film Review – Maggie’s Plan (2016)

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Maggie's Plan
Maggie is beautiful, Maggie is forthright, Maggie makes everyone cherish her friendship.

However, love is messy for Maggie (an illuminating Greta Gerwig) who longs to have a baby so much but cannot find Mr. Right leading to the decision of artificial insemination with hippie gentleman suitor Guy (Australia’s own Travis Fimmel).

On the day of this procedure Maggie meets someone else and over a short period of time falls in love with John Harding (flawless) Ethan Hawke, he is married with children and her University literature Professor but that doesn’t seem to matter at this time.

The biological assistance from Guy is well and truly being processed, John has broken up with wife although still remains in a plutonic relationship with her for the children so when the film fast forwards three years, Maggie and John have a daughter.

This is really only the beginning of interludes revolving around the life of Maggie, especially when Guy appears out of the blue while also becoming friendly with John’s ex-wife through the years. Academy Award winner for the incredible Still AliceJulianne Moore lavishly over acts as artistic madam Georgette, he long vows woven int dramatic long sentences is hilarious.

To say this is a typical romantic comedy is wrong, what we have is clarification that life can throw up all sorts of complications and involuntary submissions, love knows no bounds when being lead by the heart.

Written and Directed by Rebecca Miller wife of Hollywood immortal Daniel Day Lewis, her talent is obvious with this Woody Allen type quirky inspiring tale of true love the hard way.

I have said this before, at some point Greta Gerwig will win an Oscar for her ongoing excellence during every film which she appears including flawless Frances Ha (2012) and Greenberg (2010) standouts among many others. Even the ordinary remake of comedy Arthur benefits from her presence.

Your locked on her no matter what the character is, glowing persona, massive smile and tall stature matching her evolving acting skills.

Something different and not your regular chick-flick, Maggie’s Plan quietly goes down as one of the most enjoyable unique films of the year.

Shane A.Bassett | @Movie_Analyst

Comedy, Drama | USA, 2015 | 15 |Sony Pictures Home Entertainment |, Out Now (Cinema) 31st October 2016 (UK, DVD) |Dir.Rebecca Miller | Greta Gerwig, Julianne Moore, Bill Hader, Ethan Hawke, Maya Rudolph |Buy:[DVD]