Film Review – The 9th Life of Louis Drax (2016)

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9th Life Of Louie Drax

Chilling, tense and a mind bender.

Soda Pictures and Miramax Films presents this outstanding Mystery Thriller from director Alexandre Aja. Starring Jamie Dornan (Fifty Shades Of Grey). Our September 2nd.

When a young boy is in a life threatening accident which leaves him in a coma. His doctor (Jamie Dornan) begins to wonder if there is more to this “accident” below the surface.

This film was one that I knew next to nothing about, and I am pleased about that. I feel my judgement might have been hazed slightly going into it. I am pleased, however, to report that this was a very good film. Not amazing but very good indeed. It is very much a soda pictures film.

I actually really admire the company for its releases. They have released some very odd titles since there launch. A personal favourite was Compliance starring Dreama Walker.

The 9th life of Louis Drax is a very strange film and is quite definitely a mystery. I liked the slow burn of the films pace, usually I would pick up on this as a negative, however in this case I think it actually helps the film some what. I almost feel like its trying to convey the length of time that Louis is in the coma. That is just my own personal thoughts though, that is not fact.

I have to give props to Jamie Dornan whom I had only seen in Fifty Shades of Grey. I didn’t think he had much going for him, if I am honest, apart form being a very good looking man. This film proved me wrong. Although this film may not have Oscar winning performances, I do feel that is is a film that shows Dornan as a serious actor.

The film had a little element of the old 70’s Aussie film Patrick in it. Mainly by way of the weird things happening while Louis was in the coma.

That is my next point. It was very interesting to see the film told by Louis while in the coma, we see flashbacks of events leading upto the accident and then while in the coma we see him observing everything around him. The young actor playing Louis I thought was fantastic. It’s not every day you get a really good child actor. There is also a sequence about an hour and a half or so in, which really amps up the tension and creepiness. Really brings in the Sci-Fi element of the film. Again Jamie Dornan shines in this scene and I hope he gets credit for this film

This is one of those films, I think that will have an audience for sure. I can definitely see this film doing well. The film certainly has its chilling moments and its eerie score, but I think the main draw pull for the audience will be in the mystery of everything we see between the present day and within the flash backs from Louis’s mind. I just really liked how we get dribbles of information then slowly things piece together, but still there are questions to be answered.

I think another really cool thing about this film is when we see the dream sequence that Louis Has it was very Tim Burton and I loved it.

I gave the film a sort of childish feel at times, as most of the story is being told by Louis. I can’t say enough how great this film is it has so much going for it and has something for everyone. And for a lower budget film the affects are great.

This is a wonderful, mysterious and gripping film. Some might not like the slow pace, I however think this adds to the film as I said. The film had its creepy moments, the mystery element was great and there was a lot of unexpected and unpredictable moments that I really didn’t see coming.

With strong performances and a great story – even making me tear up at the end this film is a must watch.

So although not for everyone this film is for sure a winner in my books! Go check it out if you can.

★★★★1/2| Ross Wilcock

Mystery, Thriller | USA, 2016 | 15 | Soda Pictures | 2nd September 2016 (UK)| Dir.Alexendre Aja |Jamie Dornan, Aiden Longworth, Sarah Gadon, Aaron Paul, Oliver Platt