Famous Album Covers Get A ‘Star Wars’ Re-design

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StarWars -Logo

Can’t beat a good old classic album, everyone has a favourite genre, favourite all time album, they may not be classics to everyone but to our owns they are. They all play just as important part of the pop culture but what if some of the classic got a Star Wars re-design?

Those eagle eyed folks at Collider have found someone who has mashed up Star Wars characters, weapons with some uber cool albums for one awesome mash-up. Digital Artist Steven Lear who boasts to have an unhealthy obsession with movies, music and photoshop. Under his guise of Whythelongplayface has brought ‘hope’ to everyone’s favourite Space opera merging it with some icons of pop culture.

He calls it his ‘Vinyl Mashups Comparisons’ a near complete-sh collection of Star Wars related albums with 97 images which he has at his Facebook page.  Steven is a massive fan of music but not of one specific genre everyone from The Smiths, to Nirvana, Fleetwood Mac to Bjork. He does have one advantage  he worked in a local music shop in London for a longtime so he was exposed to so much music and even movies too.

If you ever said a hobby could never kick-off take you anywhere, think again. Steven a few years ago decided to learn Photoshop and today he’s reaping the rewards. With over 12,500 followers on instagram for an hobby is fantastic.

Below is a selection of those Album covers with the majority of the cover based on the original trilogy and sequels including Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Will be curious to see if Steven will eventually  create new artwork based off of Rogue One. Steven has created cover not just on Star Wars , Dark Knight Rises, Pulp Fiction, Jurassic park even Jeff Goldblum. As long as there’s great movies and great music Steven Lear will be creating mash ups a for  a while longer.

star-wars Pink Floyd

Star-Wars- ACDC - ATAT

Star-Wars David Bowie

Star-Wars- Queen

Star-Wars Kylie



star-wars black sabbath

star-wars Sonic Youth

Star Wars Fleetwood Mac

star-wars blur