DVD Review – Touched With Fire (2016)

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Touched  With Fire

A manic, emotional and wonderful film. Tough, real and heart breaking.

Touched with fire is an emotional drama starring Katie Holmes and Luke Kirby. Coming to UK DVD from 22nd August 2016.

Touched by Fire is a drama about two people who meet in a care facility for people suffering from mental illness. Carla and Marco’s relationship is some what Romeo and Juliete. Its manic and reckless and their love is fuelled by their illness. With friends and family trying to convince them that their recklessness will lead to even more heartbreak, the couple have to come to terms with the fact that they might not be the perfect fit, or maybe fitting together is the only way they can deal with who they are.

I totally loved this film. I thought it had such an awesome story behind it, and one we do not seen very often.

I know recently we had Silverlinings Playbook and that dealt with very similar issues of mental health, but this was more on the emotional side.

I just thought that this was a fantastic film all round, acting was amazing the dialogue was spot on and the film making was top class.

As a fan of Katie Holmes I was really looking forward to seeing this film as I know she hasn’t done to much (film wise) in a few years. This was a massive draw for me to want to see this film.

I am very pleased to say that she was amazing in this role and brought everything she had into it. Although I have not seen everything she has been in, I have seen enough to know that this is by far one of her best performances in a film to date.

I am just so happy to see this film getting a release.

I also very much liked Luke Kirby’s performance, although I am not a follower of his work, I shall be sure to check him out now if I see him on future cast lists. I thought that he certainly brought so much to the film.

They just were so great together and had serious chemistry, which in a film like this you really need giving the subject matter.

I think that also the dialogue was a key factor for me in the enjoyment, I loved the poetic language used when one of the characters was doing a voice over.

I thought that the fact they were both writers really added a layer to the film. It tackled the idea of that many creative people form the past dealt with mental illness and therefore were able to use it to create their work. In a way that was so interesting to me as I am a very creative person. I love films that make you really think about things, how others see the world and how the real world really works.

There is just nothing but outstanding and thought provoking elements in this film that really just grip you.

I loved the characters and loved what they stood for. It’s a subject matter that I feel needs to be explored more deeply in cinema and I am so glad to see a film like this tackling it in such a powerful and real way.

I highly recommend Touched With Fire but do tread lightly if you do decide to watch it as it may be a trigger for some people as it does deal with a sensitive issue.

[rating=5] | Ross Wilcock

Drama, Romance | USA, 2015 | 15 | Metrodome Distribution | 22nd August 2016 (UK) | Dir.Paul Dalio | Katie Holmes, Luke Kirby, Christine Lahti, Griffin Dunne | Buy:Touched With Fire [DVD]